“Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile at it.”The above is very true and we all agree to it fully. But there are a number of children and adults who believe in it but still hide their smiles, at times their faces and also themselves just because of the unaesthetic appearance of their teeth, which can be easily treated by an orthodontist within a short period of time to bring back their confidence, self esteem and improved appearance.

Dental braces are most commonly used devices in orthodontics to correct the crooked / mis-aligned teeth and thus improve the smile. These are small devices which are adhered to the tooth and forces are applied with the help of arch wire and elastics attached to the dental braces to align the crooked/ protruded teeth.
There are a lot many options available these days. The patient can choose from metal braces such as silver or gold plated, or the tooth colored braces such as ceramic or plastic, or the most aesthetic options such as lingual braces or Invisalign braces.
Metallic Dental Braces                                       Ceramic Dental Braces
Lingual Dental Braces                                                  Invisalign Braces
All the types of braces have their pros and cons which can be discussed before the start of the treatment with the dentist and a joint decision can be made. Which type of braces you will get usually depends on number of factors such as aesthetics, expenses (the more aesthetic the more costly), extent of treatment, if any complications exist or any procedures such as surgery, extraction or expansion of the arch is required, etc.
However in these times along with regular braces there are many kinds of cosmetic braces available. Cosmetic braces are rather an important part of cosmetic dentistry. Many people demand these from dentist as they want to protect their teeth and also do not want to compromise on aesthetics. So in cosmetic dentistry, following cosmetic braces are available:
  1. Ceramic Braces,
  2. Plastic Braces,
  3. Sapphire Braces,
  4. Lingual Braces
  5. Invisalign.

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