In case one wants to go for tooth colored braces due to cosmetic reasons then there are few options available as tooth colored braces. These tooth colored braces are no doubt costier than the conventional metal braces. If however money is not a deciding factor for choice of braces then one must ask the dentist for these options before deciding the braces.

The tooth colored braces include

  1. Ceramic braces
  2. Plastic braces
  3. Clear inspire Sapphire brace
  4. Ceramic Braces

These are generally made of composite materials and are highly aesthetic as they blend with the tooth color. They usually do not stain but the ligature wires used can stain if you take lot of curry, coffee or smoke. They are strong enough to withstand the forces put on them to bring about the desired tooth movements without fracture. The ceramic braces are more comfortable as compared to the metallic braces as they don’t irritate the gums. The main advantage of ceramic braces is that it is very esthetic as compared to the metallic braces. But it has its own disadvantages. As the ceramic is brittle no doubt the ceramic braces are strong but at the same time they are fragile. They can break or chip easily as the material does not have the elasticity and when they chip the sharp edges can hurt the lips. The second disadvantage is that the ceramic is harder than the enamel so if it is put on the lower teeth it can wear off the upper teeth as they come in contact with the upper teeth.

Staining of the ceramic braces is another disadvantage which should be considered. The ceramic braces stain and look very unaesthetic so while having ceramic braces one has to be very particular what to eat. One should avoid the food which can cause staining of the braces. The person should also try to maintain very good oral hygiene.

The treatment time also increases with the ceramic braces as the teeth they remove slowly as compared to other braces.

The other problem with ceramic braces is encountered when one has to get them removed. It takes longer to remove the ceramic braces than the metallic braces. Some times it becomes painful also.

Plastic Braces

These are a cosmetic alternative to the metal braces, typically made from plastic alloys. Clear elastics are used with these braces. These tend to be most brittle making them more susceptible to fracture.

Clear Sapphire Braces

These are made up of pure monocrystalline sapphire. These are very transparent thus very aesthetic. They are strong and don’t stain easily. They are the best option if your teeth are very white.

Lingual Braces

These are placed on the lingual (inner) aspect of the teeth so practically invisible to other people and do not show in photographs making them highly acceptable. These are usually made of stainless steel thus tend to irritate the tongue and there is difficulty in speaking initially. They are highly expensive and cannot be used in all cases. An orthodontist specially trained in it can only do lingual orthodontic treatment. Another disadvantage is the longer treatment time.


These ‘braces’ consist of strong computer fabricated computer trays especially for you. They are invisible, easier to clean, don’t irritate the gums and don’t stain at all. Apart from these advantages few disadvantages of the Invisalign treatment are that they can only be used to treat minor or small malocclusions, very expensive and treatment time is prolonged. Also in some cases usual braces are required initially.

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