First of all the dental or oral examination is done prior to teeth bleaching and it is necessary to check any kind of dental or oral diseases or problems example caries, fractures, or gingival problems etc. as they need to be treated first, else it can cause severe irritation if ignored.

Take the pre operative photographs.


Before any step the patient should go for oral prophylaxis (i.e. scaling). It will help in cleaning the teeth from debris or plaque and calculus etc.

Procedure for In-Office Teeth Whitening

1.   Cheek is retracted with the help of the cheek retractor to expose the teeth that are more visible while the patient smiles.

2.   A rubber dam is placed for proper isolation.

3.   A resin is used to protect the gums for coming in contact with the teeth bleaching agent, as it can cause adverse effects.

4.   A teeth bleaching gel having hydrogen peroxide is applied for about 15 to 20 minutes to the teeth being exposed with the help of cheek retractor.

5.   The teeth bleaching gel is then removed carefully.A freshly mixed bleaching gel is again applied one or two times for about 15 – 20 minutes.

6.   In some procedures ultra violet light is also used as  it enhances the teeth whitening process

7.   Teeth are checked in between to judge whether more bleaching agent application is needed or not

8.   The cheek retractor is removed after that the change in shade of teeth is measured.

9.   Some people are given the option of at home teeth bleaching procedure as a maintenance regimen.

 Advantages of In-Office Teeth Whitening

1.   It gives much faster results.

2.   It is a safest method for teeth whitening.

3.   sensitivity of gingival and tooth are no more a problem as they can be avoided by the use of much thicker consistency of the peroxide teeth whitening gels and the use of desensitizing agents like potassium nitrate, and fluoride.

Disadvantages of In-Office Teeth Whitening

1.   It is more expensive. Average cost is around $ 650 as compared to $ 400 for home teeth whitening system.

2.   The result of the treatment depends upon the type of stains, the age factor, hereditary issues.

3.   In office teeth whitening treatment is not a long lasting solution to the problem. People have to go for the home whitening procedure as a maintenance therapy.

4.   It requires more chair side time.

5.   It causes dehydration of the teeth.

6.   There should be serious safety consideration.

7.   Not much research has been done to support its use.

Important Facts about Teeth Whitening

1.   These procedures for teeth whitening are not included in dental insurance plans.

2.   The tooth pastes do not bleach the teeth but remove the stains superficially

3.   The composite, porcelain veneers, bridges etc. will not be bleached by this teeth whitening method.

4.   It has more impact on yellow stained teeth and not the same for different types of discolorations caused due to many reasons.

5.   It can cause many side effects.

6.   One must go for the dental evaluation before getting the treatment of teeth whitening done.

7.   Professional teeth bleaching system produce fetches better results as compared to over the counter or OTC teeth whitening products or system.

8.   Maintenance is required after this method and it highly depends upon your eating habits or other habits.

9.   Go for oral prophylaxis before teeth whitening treatment.

10.   It’s not indicated in patients with severe gingival problems.


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