Proper care of the tooth veneers is very important for its long life, shine and aesthetics. People who have opted for porcelain veneers, have to certain points in mind to keep the veneers going for long time. These include maintaining good oral hygiene and avoiding certain beverages which stain these porcelain and composite veneers which leads to their wearing off and also giving very bad look to the teeth. These are discussed as under 

Maintenance of good Oral Hygiene for Tooth Veneer Care

Optimum plaque removal is very necessary for increasing the longevity of the tooth veneer. Proper tooth brushing and flossing on daily basis are recommended for maintaining good oral hygiene. Poor oral hygiene has following consequences

1.   Accumulation of plaque around the veneer may lead to decay of the part of the tooth not covered by the veneer.

2.   Plaque accumulation may cause inflammation of gums surrounding the teeth which may cause the gums to recede and exposure of grayish cement used to bond the veneer to the tooth.

 3.  If patient is having bruxism i.e. habit of clenching and grinding the teeth especially while sleeping, it may lead to chipping of the tooth veneer due to heavy forces applied on tooth veneer due to clenching of teeth. Patient should avoid clenching of teeth in the daytime and during night he should wear a night guard as recommended by the dentist.

Mouth Guard for Bruxism Patient

4.  To minimize staining of tooth veneer, good oral hygiene should be practiced as well as excessive consumption of tea, coffee; soft drinks and tobacco products should be avoided.

5.   Porcelain veneers are brittle, so they cannot withstand heavy forces. Avoid biting on hard items with a porcelain veneer because it may lead to chipping of the tooth veneer.

6.   If you are a sportsperson, wear a mouth guard when engaged in any sports activity because heavy impact forces may lead to chipping of the tooth veneer.

Advantages of Porcelain Veneers

Many are many times compared with dental crowns. No doubt porcelain dental crowns are more advantageous and long lasting but the porcelain veneers also have certain definite advantages. In certain conditions, the porcelain veneers are more preferred by the dentist for the patient as cosmetic dentistry measure. The advantage of porcelain veneers are as under:

  1. Porcelain veneers are highly esthetic.They provide a lifelike appearance to the tooth.
  2. Porcelain veneers have translucency comparative to that of enamel so they reflect the colour of underlying dentin much in the same way as enamel.So, it  provides very good colour matching with the neighboring teeth.
  3. A very little amount of tooth substance has to be sacrificed in order to place a porcelain veneer on the tooth. So, much of the sound tooth structure is conserved.
  4. Porcelain veneers do not stain easily. They resist staining by tea, coffee and other products. So change in colour is not observed very frequently as is seen with other restorative materials which are more susceptible to staining. 

Disadvantages of Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers have certain inherent disadvantages also. A person going for porcelain veneers must be aware of these disadvantages to as to make his decision and also to educate and prepare himself to cope up with these. The main disadvantages are as under:

  1. Porcelain veneer has tendency to come off. If it comes off,appearance of patient may become unaesthetic. But if the porcelain veneer is handled properly when it comes off it can be bonded on the tooth surface again.
  2. Porcelain veneer is prone to fracture and chipping off. It also leads to unaesthetic appearance and may put the patient in an embarrassing situation. If small part of tooth veneer has chipped off, it may be repaired by a composite material but if considerable part of it has fractured it has to be replaced and patient has to spend the time bear the cost of treatment again.
  3. Although a very small amount but definitely some amount of tooth structure has to be sacrificed for the placement of veneer. This is satisfactory for a patient if veneers are to be given to a patient with very unpleasing smile but if veneers are given to a patient to improve an already satisfactory smile then amount of tooth structure removal cannot be considered satisfactory.

                                                 Cosmetic Dental Veneers

Life of Tooth Veneer

If good oral hygiene is practiced and proper care for veneer is done, a veneer may last up to approximately 10 years or more.

Dental Veneer Cost

The estimated cost of a single tooth veneer may range from $600- $1200. If all the six front teeth are to be covered by veneers, the cost would become 6 times. It may vary from dentist to dentist.

Difference between Porcelain Veneers and Dental Crowns

Though porcelain veneers and porcelain dental crowns are overlapping and sometimes both can be done on a patient needing cosmetic dentistry. The understanding of the difference between the two allows the patient to make his choice between the two. However what is best is always told by the cosmetic dentist attending the patient. Following are the major points which differentiate the porcelain veneers from porcelain dental crowns.


                              Dental Crown                                           Dental Veneers

  1. A porcelain veneer is a very thin wafer like shell of ceramic that is placed on the front side of a tooth whereas a dental crown covers over entire tooth. A porcelain veneer covers that side of the tooth which shows when the person smiles.
  2. A veneer has thickness of about 1mm or less whereas a crown has thickness of 2mm or more.
  3. Less tooth reduction has to be done for fabrication of a veneer as compared to a crown.
  4. Dental crowns are used when teeth are badly decayed or significant changes are required in the colour and shape of the tooth whereas veneers are used when significant changes are required in colour and minor changes are required in shape of the tooth.
  5. In patients of bruxism crowns are preferred over veneers because veneers cannot bear heavy forces.

What to Do If a Veneer Comes Off

If your tooth veneer comes off then take it out from mouth and evaluate whether it has come off as a whole or a part of it is fractured. Do not throw it even if a part of it is broken. Store it by wrapping it in a cotton roll. Inform your dentist as soon as possible to get an appointment fixed. If tooth veneer has come off as a whole then it can recemented but if a part of it is broken a veneer has to be fabricated.

What to Expect From a Tooth Veneer

You should have realistic expectations as although porcelain veneer is very much similar to the natural tooth but it is not a perfect replacement of the natural tooth. Some people may feel a difficulty in speech initially, especially in pronouncing "s" and "f" sounds. This can be corrected through minor adjustments which dentist can make to your veneers. There may be present slight variation in the color of veneers when observed very closely but it is seen with natural teeth also and is not very noticeable.


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