Regular self care regime tops the list of things to do. More often than not your self care regime would deal with the visual appeal of your body, the way you maintain it for a healthy and a gorgeous look. You may also take care of your face with a series of face cleansers, toners, scrubbers and moisturizers. But seldom would dental care feature in your self care regime. We humans take for granted what is naturally gifted. Brushing your teeth at least 2 times a day is a must. It is advised to brush once in the morning when you wake up and once after dinner. But we tend to ignore these advises and brush only in the morning for the sake of feeling fresh, hardly people brush to take care of their teeth and gums. Since it has always been about the way one looks, we brush in the morning in order to efface the smell in the mouth.  

Dental care ought to top your list of self care regime but it does not. The reason why dental care does not feature in your things to do could be because you are not aware of the necessity of brushing your teeth and maintaining oral hygiene. Dental hygiene forms the basis of sustenance. You can not abrogate the fact that until and unless you have healthy teeth and gums you can not live a healthy life. Only when you chew you food properly does it get well digested by the stomach. Human body is extremely interlinked and the negligence of one body part could lead to multi dimensional devastation. For your body to digest the food, you need to chew it well and for this purpose you need strong and healthy teeth. Food sustains human life and if you do no brush your teeth and protect your gums you are in for serious dental trouble. If you do not brush your teeth your teeth lay host to cavities and other painful procedures you would need to undergo to be able to eat food without pain.

Toothaches are common amongst people, for they give rise to cavities which not only removes the enamel of the tooth but also weakens the gums. The gums hold the teeth firmly together. If you don’t brush your teeth your gums may start bleeding, the roots of the teeth will get damaged and your life will be a living hell. We always want to enjoy good food and it is surprising that we aim to do so without maintain our teeth. If the enamel of your teeth erodes, that particular tooth will be unable to work in harmony with the other set of teeth. Then you may need to undergo painful procedures not just to remove cavities but also to crown your teeth. Ceramic and stainless steel are considered for the purpose of crowning the tooth. You will have to go through a number of sitting just to have your tooth back. Removing the tooth is not a good option as it leads to major complications in old age when you may require dentures. Root canal treatments have proven to be extremely successful when you need to save the tooth you did not initially bother about. Old wise tales of brushing twice a day, flossing and massaging your gums are not redundant. The present accuracy of knowledge of the past tales is a testimony to their credibility. So next time you have your meal don’t be lazy to pick up your brush to maintain oral hygiene to efface cavities and to avoid painful dental procedures.

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