The orthodontic treatment is almost incomplete without the use of braces but before the result of the treatment is out, the patient has to face the problem of managing and adjusting with the braces especially in the first few days. Eating food with braces is one major field of concern with the patient of orthodontic treatment. Since the orthodontic treatment is a very expensive procedure and also it is tough in regards of physical restraints, therefore taking care of the braces is very important. The braces should be taken care in regards to cleaning and also the kind of food items to be taken with no harm to braces. Certain food items should be avoided to decrease the number of sudden visits for repair of broken and lost braces to the orthodontist. Braces being fragile can be easily damaged.

Food With Braces

Braces can be easily destroyed by chewing hard and solid foods. To crunch ice even from a drink, to eat or chew on a hard sweet candy or even chips can easily damage a bracket. The orthodontic bracket can easily be dislodged and break by eating hard bread and also tough pizza crust. Even healthy food like apples, guavas, carrots etc can also damage the braces although otherwise being nutritious foods for health.

Food With Braces

Food Items to be Avoided While Wearing Braces

While having braces one really wonders about the type of food with braces to be taken. Here are certain foods with braces which should be avoided.

Hard and sticky candies such as lollipops, fruit roll ups, hard corn chips, airheads, licorice, caramels, candied apples & jolly ranchers should be avoided as the food with braces.

Gums make a very injurious food with braces. Any kind of gum can get caught in the wires and bend the wire. The undesirable bend caused whish the dentist has not placed can lead the teeth to move in the wrong direction.

Ice cubes, nuts of any kind, hard fruits like guava, apple etc, hard pretzels and popcorns should be avoided as these are harmful food with braces people and can cause maximum damage. So examples of foods to be avoided with braces can be:

       1.    Ice
      2.    Nuts
      3.    Peanut brittle
      4.    Hard pizza crust
      5.    Corn on the cob
      6.    Ribs
      7.    Doritos, corn chips, hard tacos, Cheetos, Fritos etc.
      8.    Popcorn
      9.    Hard pretzels
      10.    Hard rolls and bagels
      11.    Raw carrots
      12.    Bubble gum
      13.    Carmel candy
      14.    Beef jerky
      15.    Suckers
      16.    Lollipops
      17.    Fruit roll ups
      18.    Hard corn chips
      19.    Airheads
      20.    Licorice
      21.    Candied apples
      22.    Jolly ranchers

This is just example of foods and there can be many others which can fall in this catagory.

People with braces should rather should prefer healthy snacks like bananas, grapes and fruit pastes as food with braces to replace favorite unhealthy and harmful hard foods.

Foods can be sliced and broken up before eating to make the process easier and make them as the food of choice for people with braces.

Fresh corn should be cut off the cob first and can be used as the food for people with braces.


Carrots and other raw vegetables and also the chicken can be cut into small pieces and separated from the bones and eaten ( when caught in wire these food particles are a source of bad breath and constant irritation to the gums )

Even the hard crusty pizzas, bread toast can be taken in pieces.

Certain habits like biting finger nails, chewing on clothes, chewing on pen, pen caps, pencils and opening bottles with teeth, donot go with braces and hence should be should be avoided.

Also carbonated soft drinks are not considered as good food with braces as it can cause damage to the tooth enamel so the use of these drinks should be restricted to once a week. The stains caused by the acids in these aerated drinks cause permanent stains and scars on front teeth which occur along the gum line and are visible only when the braces are removed. Proper brushing is required especially after consuming something, also water pick can be used to clean the stuck food particles and the plaque on the teeth , teeth whitening procedures can be followed in case of permanent stains after the braces are removed. Fruit juices, milk and water are better choices.

Common sense should be used when deciding the food to be consumed while wearing the braces that will be compatible with them and make the treatment to finish on time. Broken or lose braces will only extend the time of treatment. So the choice of food with braces is very important.

Recommended Foods with Braces can be grouped in various categories like:

Milk and Various Milk Products

1.   Drinks with milk as the base as it is the best food with braces people.

2.   Curd (yoghurt) which is smooth and without hard pieces. The hard pieces can also be broken down into smooth paste with the help of a blender and can be consumed as the food by he people with braces.

3.   Also available are various types of soft cheese as the food with braces individuals which can be nicely cherished in different forms.

4.   Various types of pudding and custard are also available.

Breads and Baked Foods

1.   The bread to be consumed has to be free of whole grain, seeds or nuts and if the person likes whole bread it should be smooth and even the crust can be removed before eating as the food with braces people.

2.   Soft cakes and pancakes including muffins without hard pieces and nuts is also a good choice of food with braces people.

3.   Even other soft crackers and wafers can be cherished as the food item with braces patients.

Grains and Meat Products as the Food with Braces Individuals

1.   Pasta and noodles along with cooked rice and even the rice water is healthy and less damaging food with braces people.

2.   Quinoa , bulgur and kasha can also be eaten

3.   Meat cooked to a soft core, meat loaf and barbeque cooked soft meat can also be consumed.

4.   Meat balls and chicken salad along with thinly sliced meat

5.   Small shredded chicken nuggets can be consumed.

6.   Tofu can be easily made and consumed in different forms

Soups which do not contain hard chunks can be consumed which will not harm the braces and is the good choice of food items with braces.

Vegetables comprising boiled mashed potatoes, soft cooked beet roots, potato pan cakes, salsa and mashed beans, leafy vegetables like cauliflower and spinach can be had. Cole slaw is also good. Potato or boiled salads along with avocadoes can be consumed as the good food items with braces.

Fruits that get ripe and mushy like bananas, seed less grapes etc and fruit juice along with fruit smoothies are healthy choice of food with braces people.

Fruit shakes, protein shakes and milk shakes can be cherished.

Ice creams without any nuts or crusts and soft cakes can be enjoyed. Most cold drinks like cold coffee can be had avoiding excessive caffeine and acidic drinks. Cheese cakes, puddings and custard can be eaten.

Food With Braces

Suggested Breakfast Time Foods for People with Braces

Mashed eggs, mashed cheese, frozen cheese blintzes, hot cereals and pan cakes can be consumed. Muffins but without any hard chunk along with some fruit juice can be had. Matzo cooked along with eggs and butter served with sugar. Bread and butter or bread and jam or fruit sauce and milk is good.

Suggested Lunch for People with Braces

One can consume macaroni with chopped ramen noodles along with cheese. Even egg, tune fish and chicken or meat salad can be taken. Soups both vegetarian and non vegetarian can be taken. Any dish like beans and cheese dish can be taken as long as it is shredded into small pieces and is without any nuts or chunks and has only soft consistency.

Food With Braces

Suggested Dinner for People with Braces

Meat pieces chopped into small pieces and pie can be taken. Fish can be enjoyed best being simmered and slightly steaming. Fried rice both vegetarian and non vegetarian including chicken and meat can be had the only criteria being the pieces should be small and soft. Even pastas and barbeque chicken can be cherished.

Food With Braces



So we see when there is so many food items for the individuals with braces to eat and only certain precautions to take and food items to be avoided it is not a difficult task to wear braces and still not go on dieting. So enjoy eating to a beautiful smile.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 09 - July - 2012, at 21:53 PM

  • Dear MARK,

    Japanese sweetened rice ball though is made up of rice but has sugar content in it which is not good for teeth with braces. Reason being that excess sugar will make the rice balls sticky there by causing pain and also will make the cleaning much more difficult. So, it is advised to take sugar free rice balls if available. Other things to be avoided during initial week or so during orthodontic treatment is to brush twice daily, do flossing and avoid anything solid, chewy, sticky and even too hot or too cold stuffy. With time you can gradually shift to solid diet.

  • Mark

    Mark 09 - July - 2012, at 11:50 AM

  • Is the Japanese sweetened rice ball, mochi, compatable with braces?

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 11 - May - 2012, at 21:54 PM

  • KRISTABELL, Pain after wearing braces is normal. This will subside in a week. You just need to take care of not eating anything hard. I recommend you anything soft like pudding, ice tea is also a good alternative. After a week you can gradually start with solid food. Maintain a good oral hygiene and brush at least twice a day.

  • kristabell

    kristabell 11 - May - 2012, at 12:35 PM

  • I just got my brackets today. I cant eat solid food as chicken or pasta now. It goes up my mouth and I cant chew!!! What should I do? Cos I am hungry and I have been drinking yogurt and soups but I cant eat barbecue chicken or sausage. Can you please suggest me what should I do? Is it normal to not be able to eat solid food now??? Would I be able to eat chicken and other soft food afterwards? How long will it take to get used to it? I will really appreciate your suggestions and advice. Kristabell

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 17 - April - 2012, at 08:51 AM

  • Raeanne, When you get the braces initially it is very painful. So do not worry. Avoid hard and sticky food. It will not only cause pain but it will harm the braces also. Take the food which you do not have to chew. You can take noodles, porridge, Yoghurt, custard soups etc.Gradually you will become used to the braces and can chew well.

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