Mothers are often seeing running around their children to brush their teeth. Children are lazy and mothers get tired after the daily running around. Till a certain age parents can make sure their children do things right. But post a particular stage it is practically not possible and nor do children appreciate the interference of parents. So, may be the best way to enable your children to understand the benefits of brushing are to set an example. Make your children aware of the importance of brushing.

If you brush well your teeth will be white like a pearl and needles to say you will smile with confidence. Confidence and self worth are of utmost importance and a perfect smile will just help you enhance them. No matter who you are with you share vibes which are energy waves and the assessment of the other person also helps to define yourself. If you have a healthy oral hygiene you are sure to be in the good books of the other person. If you think teeth and oral care is not important or people do not bother about such details may be you need to reconsider. Everyone no matter who is it always considers oral hygiene when they evaluate you as a person.

Brushing your teeth is of utmost importance and may be that is the least you can do. You should brush your teeth twice a day. Dentists advise you to brush twice a day. Brushing twice is the minimum but considering other factors like rate of plaque formation, incidence of caries and periodontal health your dentist can recommend you to brush more then two times. The frequency of brushing do matters but it is the proper technique which is very important. If you are brushing twice or thrice but not using the proper technique then the purpose of maintaining good oral hygiene defies. Brush once in the morning after taking the breakfast and brush once at bed time at night. Brushing at night is very important because at night when you sleep and has not brushed the food particles which are there in the mouth will be fermented by the bacteria in the mouth to produce the acid and this will cause the decay of the teeth. At night when you are sleeping the saliva flow is less. The self cleansing property of saliva is less and as you are not eating anything, the swallowing reflex also decreases. These all factors add in and the incidence of caries increases.

Eating healthy will also help you maintain your teeth. Try to avoid carbonated drinks, for some scientific studies hold the claim that a tooth kept in a carbonated drink can dissolve. If this is the effect sodas have may be you would choose to reconsider. Brush your teeth after dinner so that all the food particles which found refuge in the day can be abrogated. If you have a receded gum choose a soft brush so that your tooth is not laid exposed to foreign bacteria. Gums hold the teeth in their place making their maintenance an absolute necessity. Also brush the tongue to remove stagnantly placed bacteria. Brush teeth in sets so that the entire mouth is well cleaned. A toothbrush head should be small in size, the bristles must be in a cross labyrinth to make sure the procedure guarantees healthy teeth.  

Brush twice a day for at least 3 to 4 minutes. Place the brush at an angel of 45 degrees. Make sure you brush the teeth from all angels so that you experience healthy and fresh breath. Good toothpaste will enable you to remove plaque, resist cavities, and remove stains caused by tea and coffee and fresh breath. When plaque forms on the surface of the teeth, it combines with the sugar or any food you ate and then this potent decaying combination is the sole cause of tooth decay. Good indications to visit your dentist will be bleeding gums, swollen gum area or toothache. If the plague has developed well enough, it will deform the shape of your tooth and then target the gum. The gums weaken and are then incapable of holding the teeth in place. Brush twice a day for 3 minutes, eat a healthy diet, and visit your dentist as and when you experience dental problems

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  • Aj mother

    Aj mother 14 - June - 2012, at 05:36 AM

  • Aj needs to brush his teeth in the morning and at Night. If you have an issue with this,call his dr.

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