Most of the population does not brush properly and the ones who do don’t change their toothbrush often enough to keep tooth decay at bay. Toothbrush holds within its bristles food particles which once resided in your teeth. As a result of rigorous cleaning the brush may also wear out. It is advised to change your brush when bristles seem to be slightly tilted. Titled bristles do not work in favour of the oral health care regime as they are marred of their ability to remove food particles from the crevices of the teeth. Adults as well as children must change their brush in every three months as in 3 months the brush looses its effectiveness and efficiency to clean your teeth.  

Electric toothbrushes are also available in the market and if they belong to a reliable brand you can change the brush in a time period of 6 months. In case you have suffered from gum or tooth infection, change your brush as when you are healthy to avoid your toothbrush to be the carrier of infection. If you are undergoing treatment for a gum infection or tooth decay change your brush in every 6 weeks.

 Make sure you rinse the toothbrush after every use with warm water in order to naturally sanitize it. Toothbrushes are affordable and the variety of brushes in the market will not allow you to think twice before switching to a new one. Toothbrushes can go out of shape really quickly so next time you are brushing make sure you don’t end up biting the bristles of the toothbrush. Broken bristles are a host to a variety of oral infections like fungus and bacteria. If you do not change your toothbrush often enough it can damage your gums.

Mother’s will have to keep a check on their children’s dental hygiene as children often brush quickly without cleaning the crevices between their need which leaves food still in its position to be a refuge for bacteria. Children often chew their toothbrush which makes bristles tilt. This results in exhaustive damage caused in the gum which later breeds ulcers. Parents are advised to take their children for 6 monthly dental check ups to ensure their oral hygiene.

 Adults need to look after their teeth as much and the least you can do is brush twice a day and change you brush when it begins to look worn out. Always keep a brush handy in case a food particle gets stuck between your teeth, for in the attempt to abrogate it you may resort to other means like extensive usage of a toothpick which may damage the gums. Gums are as important as the teeth they hold. Brushes should also be changed according to gum sensitivity. If you have sensitive gums which easily bleed first you must change your brush to a softer scale and then consult a doctor. Usually people with bleeding gums have vitamin C deficiency and may be prescribed vitamin C supplements taking into consideration their other bodily factors. It is best advised to consult your doctor and your dentist so that they can examine you thoroughly and then prescribe the correct dosage of pills you may need to take. Also, people who wear braces need to change their brushes more frequently than others because when the brush comes in contact with the braces they break and loose their effectiveness.

 Now indicator tooth brushes are also available in the market in which the middle line bristles of the tooth brush are blue in color. when this blue colour fades away that means your tooth brush has to be changed. At an average a toothbrush must be changed every 3 months to avoid any gum damage or any kind of bacteria, germs or fungal infections. So keep your infections at bay and be your own dentist by properly maintaining oral hygiene.

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