In easier and simplest of the terms accelerated orthodontics also known as the “ high speed braces “ or the “ six month braces “  means fast orthodontics i.e. it is a relatively faster way of moving the teeth into the desired position then the conventional orthodontics. While the traditional method of treatment took around one to three years to move the teeth in desired position accelerated orthodontics can do the miracle in just three to eight months only.

Case for Accelerated Orthodontics

Actually in today’s world many techniques can be used instead of orthodontics like veneers, crowns, bonding and bridges etc. all of which can give us a beautiful smile without wearing the braces and the latest in fashion is accelerated orthodontics even if braces are unavoidable. Mostly accelerated orthodontics is common among adults usually above 25 years of age as they have the problem with wearing the braces especially for long years concerned mainly with looks of the braces and other personal reasons. So the procedure of high speed braces that is accelerated orthodontics helps to achieve a better aesthetics and a great smile in much less time than the conventional orthodontic treatment. The six month braces or we can say accelerated orthodontics can be effectively used as the treatment option for the repositioning of the front teeth to give a beautiful smile wherever orthodontics is the suggested mode of treatment, so accelerated orthodontics should be discussed with the cosmetic and aesthetic dentist along with the options of dental veneers and bonding of teeth.


The most important and main advantage of accelerated orthodontics is that it takes much less time than the conventional methods and also there is very less damage of the bone. Also less root resorption of the teeth is seen. But the biggest disadvantage of accelerated orthodontics being it being relatively a newer procedure not many dentists are aware or well trained with the process of accelerated orthodontics. The case of crowed teeth is one tough challenge to correct with the accelerated orthodontics and the dentist should be highly skilled to carry out the procedure of accelerated orthodontics well otherwise failure and worsening of the cases is also seen.


To be more precise this procedure of accelerated orthodontics does not offer treatment of all the orthodontic problems and there are certain orthodontic cases which need the extended or the conventional long or one to three year orthodontic treatment. Actually speaking these six month braces that is accelerated orthodontics are used as an alternative treatment to the porcelain veneers and by the patients who want to give themselves a beautiful smile by straightening their teeth but want to avoid wearing the conventional braces for a period extending in years. 

Before Accelerated Orthodontics Treatment pic
                                        Before the accelerated Orthodontic treatment     
  After Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment pic 
                                             After 7 months of accelerated Orthodontics    

Truly speaking high speed braces or accelerated orthodontics is known to be a very controversial procedure. The time of the treatment in accelerated orthodontics depends on the kind of technique used and the amount of space the teeth needs to be moved along with the decided goals of the treatment and above all the patience and the co-operation of the patient. Six month braces or accelerated orthodontics is a minor procedure carried out in the office and is related to the straightening, closing of the spaces and spacing including the re-alignment of the front teeth. The procedures of accelerated orthodontics are carried out under local anaesthesia by a group of specialist trained in particular for accelerated orthodontics. Carried out by highly skilled professionals the treatment of accelerated orthodontics gives no more pain or discomfort to the patient then the normal in office cleaning and scaling procedures for the teeth. Already proved techniques of orthodontics and periodontics are used for the procedure and only minor itching is experienced in the gums in the beginning as the teeth are moving much faster in accelerated orthodontics than in the conventional orthodontic treatment. The treatment involves the procedure of decreasing the width of the teeth to create space for the correction of the crowding seen in the front teeth of the patient to enhance the smile. In some cases though the crowding is corrected by reducing the size of the teeth, it might be unavoidable in some cases to relieve crowding without the procedure of extraction. Brackets which self-ligate are used in the procedure of six month braces or accelerated orthodontics but many do not support the theory. The treatment with six month braces that is accelerated orthodontics mostly involves some periodontal surgical procedures within one week of placement of the braces. Minor discomfort can be felt for a few days in the procedure of accelerated orthodontics but it is much less painful than the conventional orthodontics.

Accelerated Orthodontics

The follow up visits in case of accelerated orthodontics are the same as we do in traditional long term orthodontic treatment need to be made for any adjustments if needed and the orthodontist might provide you with retainers occasionally to retain the result achieved with the six month bracesor accelerated orthodontics.


Talking about the cost of the treatment of accelerated orthodontics the procedure is carried out by a team of specialists so the cost of the treatment of accelerated orthodontics will vary depending upon the type of treatment done and the fees charged by the concerned specialists in your area. Although the cost of six month braces or accelerated orthodontics is almost similar to the traditional procedures, the advantage is that much less time is taken for treatment. Any additional procedure like the application of braces behind the teeth that is the lingual braces will increase the cost of the treatment. Insurance companies mostly do not cover the procedure of high speed braces or accelerated orthodontics so be extra careful while planning the treatment even from an insurance company. The cost of the high speed braces or accelerated orthodontics ranges from about $10,000 and $15,000 depending on the procedure adopted and the specialist involved


A procedure called as the periodontically accelerated osteogenic orthodontics also called PAOO for short is where the gum specialist that is the peridontist and the oral surgeon creates grooves with special instruments and then fill these grooves with the bone graft material. The entire procedure is done under local anaesthesia only. The main point in doing this procedure is that the when the bone begins to heal back it becomes  so soft that the teeth can be moved in the bone much faster with the applied braces then the conventional method of orthodontics and this causes the treatment of accelerated orthodontics to be completed in few months rather than years.


Also to be mentioned is that earlier bovine bone and also bioactive glass was used as the bone graft material used for the healing and strengthening of the bone but studies have shown that patients own bone is the best material for the procedure of accelerated orthodontics. The patient’s own bone when used encourages the formation of new and healthy bone in the area of bone grooving and is also very safe and free from transmission of disease. The chances of graft rejection are also negligible when it is taken from the patient’s own body. So patient’s own bone is the best used as the bone graft material these days for the success of six month braces or accelerated orthodontics.


The braces used in accelerated orthodontics can be ceramic, metal and lingual braces like used in conventional orthodontics.


So get ready to experience a wonderful new smile with a fraction of time you would have never imagined before with the use of accelerated orthodontics. Keep smiling.

Accelerated Orthodontics

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