Group dental insurance is a type of insurance that covers a group of people usually employees of a company offering affordable dental care assistance. According to statistics employees value health insurance plans provided by the employer as the second best benefit after their monetary benefits. Around two thirds of the working Americans enjoy the benefit of group dental insurance.  The wide range of plans offered under the group dental insurance is also flexible and are designed taking into account the employees’ requirements.

Medical and dental care expenses are so high that people look for jobs with benefit packages that include health insurance preferably that which includes dental coverage. Group Insurance plans make the work place more appealing to existing and potential employees. The companies attract and retain good talent by offering such benefits. That group dental insurance qualifies for tax deductions is another reason for employers to opt for it. As you can see, it is a win- win situation for both employees and the employer it is beneficial for both. Even the insurance company makes higher profits making it a beneficial arrangement for all parties involved.  The employers pay half of the premiums for the group dental insurance premiums in most states. The company has to meet some minimum contribution requirements of the state.

Benefits of group dental insurance are many and here are some of them:

  1. Dental insurance obtained through group dental insurance plan often come with competitive rates as it is less expensive compared to individual dental insurance.

  2. Employees can avail tax benefits for opting for group dental insurance and they can pay their premiums from their pre-tax income

  3. Companies offering group dental coverage are preferred by employees and they remain with these companies for long and the company also gets better rates. The mutual benefit helps in enhancing the employer-employee relationship

  4. Group dental insurance offers more comprehensive coverage than individual or discount coverage which offers only preventive and diagnostic dental procedures. It covers major dental treatments like orthodontic treatments.

  5. Group dental insurance covers not only the employees but also their families and companies encourage their employees to do so as they get more competitive rates for the insurance

  6. Group dental insurance cover is flexible in the sense that it caters to each employee’s specific needs at affordable cost taking advantage of special offers such as single individuals or those requiring extra care

  7. Companies or organizations that offer group dental insurance can claim tax benefits

The rates of group dental insurance depend on the number of employees covered under this plan. The company with a large number of employees is likely to get a lesser rate than that with a few employees. To reduce the premiums the companies choose the same company that provides health insurance. The company also can contribute a fixed share of the premium and allow the employees to determine their coverage options. Another way is to opt for a high option PPO so that the employees get dental care at lower costs from a list of dentists participating in the program.

In essence it can be said that group dental insurance enables all parties concerned to reap benefits and ensures a healthy smile.

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