Most colleges and universities provide student dental insurance. Dental insurance is purchased to cover some or all of the expenses related to dental care. Dental care costs soaring and people find it difficult to meet the high cost. This leads to negligence and people just do without routine dental care like cleaning and check up. Dental insurance pays for a percentage of the charges or sometimes entire cost related to dental care. People also prefer good oral health and opt for dental insurance to maintain regular dental care at affordable cost and prevent any future dental health problems.

Dental insurance is of many types and are provided by employers as part of benefit package for employees. Individual or group insurance plans are made available to suit different requirements such as family or a company. Full time students who are enrolled in the Student Health Insurance plan of the college or university are automatically enrolled in the Student Dental Plan. These students can also opt to enroll their family members or dependents in the health insurance as well as the dental insurance plan.

Dental insurance plans differ from one insurer to another but generally speaking, they cover the following dental treatments:

  1. Regular cleaning by a dentist and perio9dic check ups
  2. Dental x-rays are also covered as they are important for diagnosis and show the exact condition of the teeth
  3. Some plans may include extraction of teeth , if surgery is needed insurance covers only the non-cosmetic surgery
  4. Filling is required for people who suffer from cavities and chippings and this is also covered in the dental insurance
  5. Urgent dental treatment in the case of an accident and injury are covered.   The emergency treatments like dental surgery and tooth replacement come under this category.

Discount dental insurance schemes are popular as they are designed specially for students and their families to make routine dental check ups and preventive dental care. After enrolling in the student dental insurance plan the student can visit any of the participating dentists paying significantly lower fees. The reduced fee is roughly 60 percent of the normal charges. You can receive the treatments at reduced rates by just showing your membership card as a proof of being enrolled in the student dental insurance plan. There is no need to fill out claim forms or background checks to get the discount facility.
You can search for student dental insurance in your area on the Internet and get a list of companies that provide student dental insurance. You can compare the rates and their offerings to decide the best plan for you. You can also purchase your student dental insurance online.

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