Military dental insurance is one of the several benefits provided by the government to its people who served or served in the military to enable them to maintain proper dental health. The government provides this benefit to the people of the armed forces in recognition of their contribution to the country. They are provided several dental insurance options to both serving and retired military.  If you are enlisted in the United States Armed Forces military dental insurance coverage, a part of health benefits provided by the government takes care of your dental and oral health needs.  

Knowing about military dental coverage can help both you and your family get the best dental care possible. People who are currently in the service of the armed forces are entitled to military dental insurance. Those who have retired from military service can avail military retiree dental insurance.


Military dental insurance plans are different from other dental plans as the needs of military personnel are different and are of a more specialized nature. 


Most of the military dental insurance plans provide coverage for basic dental procedures for you and your family. This coverage protects the military personnel from any injury or damage due to the risks they face in the course of carrying out their military duties.  Due to constant traveling they may not have their routine check ups or preventive dental care.  They often are exposed to dangerous situations by nature of their work and they are provided extra protection to take care of emergency treatments such as injuries to teeth and gums or related oral surgery. 6


There are two options for availing the military dental insurance. They can enroll in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHB), which provides dental coverage to all the federal employees. The program provides comprehensive dental coverage for the federal employees and also their families. The other program that the military personnel can use to receive dental benefits is the TriCare Dental Program (TDP) from the Department of Defense.  The program is available to all military personnel, including the reserve and the national guards. Their family members of the uniformed military personnel are also included for protection under this plan. TriCare Retiree Dental Program takes care of the dental needs of the retired military personnel and their families. Dental plans from TriCare provide full coverage for most dental procedures including preventive, diagnostic, and emergency treatments.   The program also pays partially for special procedures such as extractions, root canal treatment, crowns, orthodontics, periodontal and many more.


The military dental insurance plans generally cover more procedures and therefore are more comprehensive than other dental insurance. These plans are also more flexible so as to allow them to avail the dental care irrespective of their location as they are likely to be posted anywhere in the world. 

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