PPO represents Preferred Provider Organization. This is a type of dental insurance offered by many companies to their employees. Insurance companies offer PPO plan to individuals too. It is a dental coverage forming part of a network insurance package.  Under this plan you have a larger network of dentists and more flexibility. The participating dental service providers charge lesser than standard fees to this set of clients from a particular insurer.   The PPO dental insurance is a plan that is in between a HMO and an Indemnity plan. You should choose a dentist from this network of dentists or otherwise you get lesser benefits or higher fees.  

The state insurance department regulates the companies that offer PPO dental insurance plans. Dentists sign up with the PPO network so that they can get more patients coming to them for treatment.   For providing this large number of referrals they dentist agrees to charge a lesser fee for the clients of this particular insurance company. PPO is also the most popular type of dental insurance because of its ability to provide a balance between cost and the services covered.

Some of the benefits of PPO dental insurance are

  1.  It allows the flexibility to see any dentist of your preference. In most cases choosing a dentist from the insurance company’s network charges less for his services thus saving you significant amount of money.
  2. The participating dentists prefer PPO coverage as they get paid quickly under this plan.  That means the dentists show more interest to work with patients who are come under a PPO plan.
  3. PPO coverage also allows you low deductibles and sometimes no deductibles altogether, making it an affordable option for people going for dental insurance coverage.
  4. A lot of paperwork is eliminated and it is enough to show the dentist your insurance card to the dentist who is a part of the insurance provider’s network to prove your being under the PPO plan.
  5. The purchasers of PPO dental insurance coverage have a shorter wait time or no wait time which is another convenience for the clients of the insurance provider.

 The terms and conditions of PPO plans may differ with companies but they all encourage you to select your dentist form their network for you to enjoy maximum benefits. You can also choose to get your treatment from a dentist who is not part of the network but will get lesser benefits that mean higher deductibles and co-payments.
When choosing your PPO dental insurance plan, make sure that dentists who are part of the network of your insurance provider are available in your area.

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