Everyone needs dental insurance in these days of escalating costs of dental care. Dental insurance basically provides cover for much preventive dental care for those who opt for them. The idea of dental insurance is to get regular dental care at reduced rates so that serious dental or oral problems are prevented or detected early. Insurance companies design a variety of dental insurance plans to enable different sections of people to get the benefit of having dental insurance and maintain good dental and oral health.

HMO refers to Health Maintenance Organization dental insurance that is one of the many types of dental insurance. It is the cheapest available dental insurance policy.  Under this plan the dentists enlisted in the network of the insurance company provide dental care to the members of this plan. You can choose your primary dentist or a group of dentists comprising of select specialists of a defined group who will be solely responsible to serve your dental care needs. This plan offers less choice of dentists who are basically providers of basic dental hygiene related services.  The main advantage of having HMO dental insurance is that it can be availed at very low cost and the insurance company offers unlimited payments throughout the year. In California, HMO plan for an individual costs around 10 to 30 dollars per month.

What are covered under HMO dental insurance plans?

  1. Routine dental services like check ups, cleaning of tartar and plaque and dental x-rays are provided at no cost to those covered under the HMO dental insurance.
  2. Procedures such as crowns, dentures and bridgework that are less common are required for some people. They have to meet a part of the cost of these procedures.

Though HMO dental insurance plans and PPO plans provide affordable dental insurance, HMO plans do not allow the patients to choose their dentists outside the insurance provider’s network. That means you cannot go to a non-network dentists when there is a need. The dentists enlisted in the HMP plans get paid specific fees and results in more profits for fewer treatments.  Most dentists prefer to join PPO plans and there is less number of dentists available under HMO plans.
The advantages of having a HMO dental insurance is that they are less expensive and enable more people to purchase dental insurance and take care of their dental health.  Moreover, eligible dental patients are sure to get the treatment that they need as the dentists must accept the patient and treat him even if he cannot get full compensation for it. HMO plans are convenient to balance the amount you can afford to pay and the extent of coverage you need.

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