Dental insurance plans are designed to make available the basic dental care services easily to people at affordable cost. The insurance companies offer a wide range of dental insurance plans so that it can cover people from all walks of life and income groups.  As we know dental insurances of many kinds.Indemnity Dental Insurance as the name suggests is the type of insurance where the patient is indemnified for the expenses of dental treatment in lieu of monthly premium paid to the insurance company. The main features of the Indemnity Dental Insurance are discussed as under to understand it better and also to help in choosing right dental insurance plan.

Features of Indemnity Dental Insurance

  1. Traditional dental insurance pays a percentage of your dental bills Indemnity dental insurance covers 100% while the individual pays a monthly premium to the insurance company. The average monthly premium ranges from $15 to $25.

  2. Dental indemnity insurance plans cover 100 percent of the cost of preventive dental services, 80 percent of restorative services and 50 percent of major treatments. The payment is made to the dentist on a fee-for-service basis.

  3. Dental indemnity insurance is one such plan that gives you the facility for choosing any dentist of your liking. You are required to pay a deductible on your dental insurance policy. 

  4. This plan being not restrictive on the dentists you visit and have access to emergency treatment whenever you need them. In some cases you may be required to file your paperwork.

  5. The dental indemnity insurance plans provide coverage for a maximum of $1000 - $1500 worth of dental services annually.   They usually cover cleanings and a few fillings. If the services exceed the annual maximum the dentist will charge the client under indemnity plan a reduced fee.  

  6. The probationary periods for certain dental procedures can be a full year. 

  7. There is an annual limit on the amount on benefits that can be obtained.  

  8. The insurance companies offering the indemnity plans function under the regulation of the state insurance department. 

Before opting for indemnity dental insurance you should know that the premiums and out of pocket expenses will be more because of the difference between what the insurance company will pay and the actual fee that the dentist will charge for the treatment. The main advantage of this plan is that you can choose your dentist without the restriction to stick to a certain network. There may be some restrictions such as the need to get approval for a few procedures.   The preventive dental care comes without the need for co-pay ensuring that the client gets routine dental care. You will have to pay a deductible on your indemnity dental insurance before the insurance company covers the dental costs. The ‘usual and customary’ dental services vary with different dental service providers so you need to make sure what are the services covered and what is not.   You will have to claim reimbursement of the amounts you have paid up front from the insurance company.


You can now get the right indemnity dental insurance for you and protect your dental health with the above guidelines and ensure that healthy smile.

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