DHMO stands for Dental Health Maintenance Organization. The DHMO is a dentist’s network providing dental care services for fixed fee.  A client of this network can visit any of the dentists enlisted in this network. There is no need to file claim forms or meet any deductibles under this facility.   After enrolling in the DHMO plan, the participant can select a dentist for primary dental care. This dentist will provide the dental services that are routine and preventive in nature as DHMO plans are typically concerned with preventive care. These services are check ups and cleanings twice a year and include x-rays and fluoride treatments for children twice a year.  You can select a participating pediatric dentist without a referral for your children. Braces for children and adults can also be included in the DHMO network plan depending on your plan design. 

When specialty care is required the patient will be referred by the dentist to a specialist in the network. The member of DHMO can change the primary dental care dentist is he so desires, during the year at any time. The member ID card has the number of the member services which he can use to select or change his primary care dentist. You can get basic dental care at nominal rates and are convenient to visit the dentists and maintain dental health.

DHMO is similar to HMO plan as it is modeled after it.   Some DHMO plans may allow the participant to visit a non-network dentist. The DHMO will pay a portion of the fess in these instances and the major part of receiving treatment from a non-network dentist will have to be met by the participant.   One exception the DHMO allows the participant to receive the services from a non-network dentist and still enjoy full benefits from the plan is when there is no participating dentist in the vicinity of the patient’s home. In this case the patient can choose any dentist and still claim benefit from the DHMO network that he belongs to. 


The advantages of a typical DHMO network are: 

  1. The DHMO plans have no annual dollar maximum or deductibles. 

  2. There are no co-payments to be made for receiving diagnostic and preventive dental services

  3. Family members can choose their own dentist from the network

  4. No waiting period or claim forms to file

  5. Members can avail second opinions at no extra cost

  6. Members and their covered family members do not need any referrals to get dental services from the network dentists.

  7. You can join a DHMO plan individually or through your employer. 

Before deciding to join the DHMO plan you should search for plans available in your area, compare and weigh the options to select the right plan for you. The cost of DHMO is much less than other dental insurance options. DHMO networks generally offer services that include managed care plans, plans that have open access features and prepaid plans and more. 

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