Finding the right dental plan that can take care of your specific dental care needs can be a daunting task. The insurance companies offer a wide array of dental plans for individuals and groups such as PPO dental plans, group dental plans and federal dental plans, discount dental plans and so on.  Generally dental plans cover routine check ups and treatments that are preventive and diagnostic in nature. These procedures include regular dental cleaning and x-rays.  They do not cover cosmetic dentistry.  If you need a dental plan just for cleaning and fillings it will cost much less. If you need more extensive procedures to be covered then the dental plan will cost you more. Therefore it is important that you choose the right dental plan that covers your specific dental care needs. It is equally important to find a reliable dentist who will provide quality dental services. Finding a right dental plan that will meet at least a portion of the total cost of your dental care will be greatly beneficial.

When you are searching for a good dental plan, you need to carefully consider various options. You should ask the dentist few questions about the various dental care procedures covered under each plan and their prices.  You should see if the cost of the plan is less than the actual cost of dental care and treatment you receive.  By asking a few questions about their service offerings you can get a feel of their customer service. They will also be able to recommend the right dental plan that will suit you as they work with different plans.  


If you are single you may go for a individual plan with the coverage based on your dental health needs. Married people may need more extensive coverage to suit the needs of his spouse and other dependents. The plan should cover different treatments that may be required by children or adults. If both partners have dental coverage it is good to select plans that supplement each other. 


The type of dental cover and the extent to which you receive vary with each insurance provider. Some insurance companies offer only the basic dental coverage and some others may offer plans which include enhanced coverage along with basic coverage.   The percentage of reimbursement may be different for these two types of coverage. 

Many dental plans have certain restrictions on how often you can perform basic check ups and cleanings in a year. Some plans may be accessible through dentists of a network or some may be available only on certain days or hours. It is better to choose the plan with more flexibility. Sometimes the dentist may suggest a procedure that is needed for your particular needs in a certain situation. Your dental plan should allow such options even thought it may not cover their costs in full. It may cover a part of such costs. You should select a provider who can work with the dentist to offer quality dental care for you. In case of some dental problems that require a specialist’s treatment, the dental plan should allow for such options. Most dental plans do not have provision for the services of specialists like oral surgeons or orthodontists. So if you are in need of such specialist treatments, you should go for the right dental plan that can cover such treatments even if they may not pay for them but will cover a portion of their costs.


Whatever dental plan you may choose make sure that you choose the right dental plan that allows regular dental care so that you can maintain good dental health.

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  • Paul Thompson

    Paul Thompson 04 - May - 2015, at 07:00 AM

  • This is very helpful tips, thank you for sharing this. We all need a dental plan to manage our time and schedule. 

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