Dental treatments are becoming increasingly expensive making it unaffordable for many people.  But failure to take care of dental health can seriously affect your general health. Serious illnesses like heart disease, diabetes and arterial plaque are often linked to poor dental hygiene. Instead of sacrificing your dental care to save money you can go for affordable dental plans.

You can find really affordable dental plans as the market is full of customized group or individual plans to suit every need. There are many options such as dental insurance plans, group dental plans and discount dental plans. You will be able to find one that suits your needs and circumstances by shopping around and by comparing the coverage information and the dental procedures that are included and those which are not. Insurance companies offer dental plans for individuals as well as families or groups like employees of an organization, students etc.

Discount Dental Plans

There are many insurance companies that offer discounts making them affordable dental plans. They enable you to save money as they are available at bargain rates. Discount dental plans usually cost less than $200 for a year. They are not insurance plans as they do not provide coverage and work in a different way.   When you participate in a discount dental plan you are entitled to discounted rates in all the dental treatments you receive from the participating dentist.  There is no monthly premium to meet the cost of dental care. The rules and conditions differ with the regulations of each state.  The discount dental plans are good alternative to dental insurance as they provide on the spot savings on routine dental check ups, x-rays, tooth extractions and many other oral care treatments. 

Group Dental Plans

Group dental plans are cheaper than individual plans. If you work for an organization that offers group dental plan as part of the benefit package, go for it as it is a great way to save money. Some employers also include the families of the employees in the group dental plans as they get better rates and get to pay lower premiums. Group plans provide several benefits for you and all those who are involved. Family plans can also save you money if you have no employer sponsored dental plan. They are much cheaper than individual plans and cover three or more people which are dependent on the plan that you choose. 

Specific Dental Plan options

Plans such as PPO, DHMO will cover preventive dental care procedures at attractive prices. If you are a member of HMO plan, you can receive dental care from the enlisted dentists of the plan. They usually cover up to 80 percent of the cost of procedures like dental fillings. They also cover 50 percent of the cost of major dental procedures like root canal treatment. 


Whatever dental treatment you and your family may need, you can choose a suitable dental plan from the wide variety of affordable dental plans available in your area.

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