Dental insurance is the next important thing you must have next to health insurance to maintain good dental health and overall health in these days of rising healthcare costs.  So it is important that you select the right insurance company to get your dental insurance. You have to compare the details of various plans offered by different insurance companies in terms of coverage, price and exclusions. Leading dental insurance companies offer their services in all the states in the US. You have to make a comparative study of the services offered, the dental treatments that are covered by the plan and the cost involved.   It is necessary to know the basics about each dental insurance company to determine the right one that is the best fit for you.

The dental insurance companies offer a wide array of choices for you to select a policy that suits your needs.  If you need only preventive care and for routine check ups and regular treatments for dental hygiene you can get a policy that covers just basic dental care. If you look for more extensive treatments and emergency treatments caused by accidents etc., you can choose a more advanced dental insurance policy that covers them. These dental insurance companies often provide cover for your family members also. The group plans are cheaper than individual plans and both the employer and the employees get tax benefits. Dental insurance companies will be able to guide you in choosing the right policy based on your needs and budget.   By providing dental insurance plans they can help you to get the dental care you need at affordable cost and also prevent serious dental problems and save you money on more extensive treatments in the process earning higher profits for themselves.


Here are some Dental insurance companies and dental insurance plans:


Atena Dental Access provides high quality and inexpensive dental care through its large network of dental professionals. The individual dental plan costs under $100 and their family plans cost a minimum of $150 for a year. This dental plan is not insurance and saves you 50% on the cost of preventive dental procedures as well as all other procedures.


Ameritas provides various dental plans for individuals, and group plans for small and large businesses. They have 30 years of experience in providing plans including the traditional managed care plans and flexi plans.


CIGNA offers a combined health insurance and dental insurance saving you money. They are backed by a hundred years of experience and robust financial strength.


GE Wellness plan offers nationwide dental coverage along with medication costs. They have more than 9900 dental care professionals in their network.


Patriot Plan has more than 6500 dental care professional in its network. Their plans offer savings up to 50% of the dental care fees.


MetLife dental insurance plans are inexpensive and the dental services provided through PPO or DHMO plans.


UNI-Care 200 Discount Dental Plan is cost effective and allows members to receive hearing and vision care etc. It even covers prescription drugs under the flexible coverage it offers.


Well Point Dental is run by Blue Cross and offers good dental care coverage to residents of selected states.


Dental insurance companies design various dental care plans to suit every need so that people enjoy good dental health by getting regular preventive dental care at affordable cost. 

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