Avantages of Composites are as under

1.   Tooth colored appearance of composites is more cosmetically appealing than dental amalgam.

2.   A composite dental composite filling will often be smaller in size than a comparable silver  amalgam filling

3.   Tooth bonding usually creates less post treatment thermal sensitivity.

4.   Dental composite fillings are ready to be used immediately after the dental appointment has been completed.

5.   These fillings cause no galvanic reactions.

6.  Direct composite fillings are placed in one appointment only.

7.   These can be easily repaired.

8.   Bonded resins may enhance tooth strength.

9.  Some materials release fluoride.

10.  Available in variety of shades so that filling can match the shade of tooth.  


Disadvantages of Composites 

­­Lacks self sealing ability, unlike amalgam.

Leakage occurs with a high rate of secondary caries because of the breakage of adhesive tooth bond.

Excessive wear under stress.

Low fracture strength.

High technique sensitivity as the tooth must be adequately isolated when a dental composite is placed

Generation and inhalation of dust during finishing procedures present potential hazards for patient and the staff. 

Composite filling usually cost more than amalgam. 

 It takes more time for a dentist to place a bonded restoration  These fillings discolor over time.

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  • Syed Najmul Hoda

    Syed Najmul Hoda 10 - December - 2011, at 05:31 AM

  • yes I am totaly agree with the above mentioned point. That Composite Filling has got many advantages than the Amalgam Filling. Its more convinient, cosmetical and relaible Filling at present situation.

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