Full coverage dental insurance means that your dental insurance will pay for all of the dental procedures you receive for the duration of your policy.  It does not necessarily cover all costs of your dental care. Full coverage dental insurance is basically a standard dental insurance and not a discount plan.

Like most standard forms of dental coverage it covers a part of all of the costs of your dental care and treatments. Your monthly premiums and deductibles will depend on the extent of coverage you need.   That means the more you pay in premiums and deductibles, the more dental work you can expect to receive. After selecting the dental insurance company and the insurance policy, you need to sign an agreement with the insurer. As a policyholder you pay premiums and deductibles to the insurance company. When you actually receive dental treatment you or the dentist can fill out the claim form to be submitted to the insurance company. The insurance company will pay you or your dentist part of the cost of your dental treatment.

What extent of coverage can you expect from a full coverage dental insurance?

The full coverage dental insurance covers your routine visits to the dentists once every six months. The policy covers 100% costs of these visits when you can have your teeth cleanings, scaling, flossing and polishing.  The expenses related to tooth extraction is also covered even if you do not actually use this service.  You can get orthodontic procedures done or braces for your decayed or damaged teeth.   In addition fillings, bridges, crowns, root canals, braces, fluoride treatment, dental implants and gum surgery etc. are covered by full coverage dental insurance.

Do you need full coverage dental insurance?

It depends. If you and your family members need more than the routine and preventive dental care and expect quite a number of dental procedures will be needed in future, full coverage dental insurance is right for you.  Generally full coverage dental insurance can be very expensive.   The best alternative to those who find it unaffordable is to obtain a dental plan through a dentist network.  You can get the same quality treatments from the enlisted dentists for a reduced fee. The reduced fee is possible because the insurance company ensures a high volume of patients to the dentists and the dentists in return agree to a reduction in their fees.

You have to decide if it is best for you to choose full coverage dental insurance depending on your circumstances and your budget.

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