Once you feel that you need braces to get your teeth aligned you must ask your regular dentist or ask your friends to recommend one to you. It is better to start the treatment as soon as possible. The longer you take to decide to opt for the treatment, the more Dental braces cost you are going to pay and further it will increase the duration of the treatment. It is easier to work on children’s teeth then those of adults and hence less expensive too.

Teeth Braces or Dental Braces Cost

Do not jump at the first thing that your dentist tells you. Before getting dental braces, you can consult two or more orthodontists. It will let you know whether you are getting the best and most affordable of dental braces. Both the dentist must give you a similar answer. Keep in mind that first consultations are usually free and no obligation.

How much do Teeth Braces Cost the Patient?

You should also ask your dentist to submit a pre-treatment estimate (also called a predetermination) to your dental plan so you can find out in advance what your out-of-pocket costs will be. It costs them anywhere up to around $5000 for both the upper and lower teeth and entails two years of treatment. This will vary slightly depending on the specific service that you might require. There are private orthodontists who charge on a higher scale when compared to the dental schools. In dental schools, treatment is done by budding dentists under the watchful eye of their professor.

If you are looking for affordable dental braces, then you have several options, you just need to search them out. Some dental chains offer lower prices for orthodontic work done by a certain group of dentists. Some dental plans offer discounts on dental braces. Check with your insurance plan as usually orthodontic treatment is not covered especially a treatment that is in progress.

Think of the teeth braces that will be best suited for you taking your lifestyle and other expectations into consideration. Dental braces will certainly make you feel and look beautiful. They will do wonders for your smile remaining intact and your teeth healthy.

Average cost that you will have to pay for dental braces will vary depending on several factors. They are:

  1. Severity of the problem
  2. Time needed for the overall treatment
  3. Cost of dental braces treatment also varies from place to place and varies from one orthodontist to other.

Normally, Dental braces come within the range of $5000 but it is worth every cent the way you will look long after braces treatment. Your teeth will be aligned and straight using the latest technology.

However, finally what you end up paying is determined by what condition your teeth are in and how badly their position affects chewing and speaking. You will come out of this procedure with a beautiful and perfect smile for certain.

Affordable dental braces can be yours depending on various factors. Let us look at those factors:

1.    A dentist will charge up to $5000 where as an orthodontist will charge about $5600. This is based of course on the level of expertise and experience that the doctor has under their belt. If they have had extensive training in this particular field then you will end up paying more.

2.    The cost differs from person to person too. Adults braces are priced higher than for children. The reason behind this is that the materials used are less and they need to be worn for a short period of time.

3.    The cost of braces is determined by which area you have the treatment done at. The greater the number of people wanting this service less will be the price for them.

4.    Dental Braces  cost  lesser in some countries than in others. So if you are looking for lower range braces look for dentists on the Northeast, Midwest and South territories as they are less expensive than those on the Canadian and Pacific side. In places such as South America, some parts of Europe and Asia you will certainly be able to get affordable braces.

5.    Look for regions that are not very pricey. For instance in Arizona you can get braces for as little as $3700 whereas the same in Cleveland can be got for $2500 and in Chicago for $5500. So, if you find out about the kind of braces offered and the cost in different regions you will end up with a pair of affordable braces for sure.

6.    Prices of dental braces in urban areas are about $200 higher than those in the suburbs. If you were to have the treatment for braces done in rural areas than the cost will fall further by $500 to 700. The quality of equipment could be one of the reasons or just the plain factor of real estate prices. Hence, check before you opt for the treatment and the equipment used.

7.    Braces come in different types and kinds. Metal braces are less costly than the ceramic ones. Metal braces will cost you about $400 less than the ceramic ones. The ceramic braces look natural and hence are more aesthetic to look at. Invisalign braces can cost you about $6200 because of the features that it offers you.

Previously, patients only had metallic braces but now they have clear and ceramic to choose from too. Hence the price will certainly differ. Metal braces are generally the most economical option in braces. Whereas the tooth colored ceramic braces blend in with your teeth and are not conspicuous. Clear braces made of mono-crystalline sapphire are see-through and as natural as they can get. These will cost you approximately $200 more than the metallic ones.

Visit a good orthodontist or a good dentist for treatment. With braces treatment, you can get the smile which you always wanted.

To conclude, the price of braces vary greatly and can start of with as little as $2700 and can go up to even $10,000.

Ensure that you check for details, ask as many questions as possible and then finally decide on the right kind of affordable braces for you. You will be left smiling beautifully forever.

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  • chaunice smith

    chaunice smith 18 - May - 2015, at 18:17 PM

  • how much will it cost to get brace at pine bluff smile if yor arkids first don't cover it

  • denise

    denise 23 - February - 2014, at 00:35 AM

  • hi Dr. Ritz.I am currently residing here in jeddah KSA.I have crooked teeth both upper and lower teeth located on the right side only.I already visited an orthodontist and the metal braces he recommend me costs 1000 riyals or approximately 280 US dollars.And there will be adjustment for the braces for every month and a half so its like twice in every 3months,and there will be 5000 riyals or 140 US dollars payment for every adjustments.And I will be wearing the braces for 2 and a half year.The 1000 riyals for braces is a really reasonable price since it is cheaper than those I have searched on the internet that costs around $2000 or so on.But my question is if the $2000 includes the adjustments for the coming years?SOme dental clinic would offer it to be paid on installment basis.But I just want to compare the prices If the price that was given for me here in jeddah is inexpensive.thank you very much

  • Alondra

    Alondra 24 - November - 2013, at 09:39 AM

  • Hello. My dentist recently told me I had an abscessed tooth. She told me that I will need to get braces. How much will the top braces cost? I am only getting the top braces. And also, how long do you think I will need to have them?

  • Angela K

    Angela K 15 - November - 2013, at 18:48 PM

  • I had braces when I was younger and then stupidly forgot to wear my retainer so now they've moved back slightly on the top row. I have a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth. If I were to get braces again, could I get them just on the top and would that cost less? Or does it have to be a full set? Great post, thank you! Angela |

  • amy

    amy 31 - October - 2013, at 15:53 PM

  • Hi i dont have bad teeth at all for the most part they almost look like I habe have braces however on my bottom teeth I have a gap I want fixed... would I need braces? How much would it cost? I have good insurance dental wise.

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