Before the advent of modern dentistry what dentists used was cement to hold the braces to the teeth. The cement if not cleaned up properly did leave stains on the teeth. However the latest cements that are used are mostly stain free and even if they are the dentists ensure that they do a good clean up job afterwards to leave your teeth sparkling white.

The latest types of braces require you to have the best of oral hygiene if you don’t want your teeth to be stained after the braces have been removed. All the plaque, tartar or food particles that might have got trapped in between the teeth and the braces need to be removed with due care. If this is not done then the front enamel of the teeth will get stained and it might never be brought back to its previous color. In fact, the most common reason for teeth to be stained after a braces treatment is that the patient did not use the adequate prescribed dental hygiene. The dentist will stress on your brushing your teeth and even demonstrate the technique the reason being the stains will only be noticed once the braces are off. Unfortunately, once the enamel of the tooth is affected there is nothing much you can do.

Your dentist will suggest that you polish or whiten your teeth. These are techniques that will restore your teeth to its original color or lighten the stubborn stains.You could also remove these stains by using off the counter whitening toothpastes and brushing the affected areas for at least ten minutes in the morning and at night. There are certain foods such as coffee, tea, smoking that are known to stain teeth hence avoid them. Try to use salt with your toothpaste as it is known to be a lightening agent.

Do not forget to rinse your mouth every time that you eat something. That will flush out the trapped particles. Some dentists might provide you with a concentrated fluoride treatment to be able to remove the harm done by decalcification to your teeth. There are teeth whitening strips that are available that will help to remove the stains of your teeth quickly and noticeable difference will be there within a few days of using them. However, if you have lots of buildup of plaque and tartar then they will not be that effective.

Your best bet is to diligently make your toothbrush and toothpaste your buddies. The moment you brush regularly you will notice that when your braces are removed you really do not have to worry about the stains. This is a better option than trying to whiten them later on using professional help or in-store products.

There are cosmetic dentists who offer a process called tooth bonding which will fist remove the dark spots and next use a composite bonding material to cover them up. There is also a Zoom whitening bleach treatment which will make your white teeth appear all the more whiter than before.

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