There is very less likelihood of you having stains on your teeth once your braces are removed if you have been diligent about your oral hygiene and followed exactly what the dentist asked you to do. Brush your teeth regularly with whitening toothpaste, at least twice a day. Floss your teeth daily and use whitening mouthwash. You could also use whitening chewing gum to chew on as an extra measure.

If you are consistent with your brushing routine then you will be really relieved to see that there have been no stains left behind when your braces are removed. If you brush sporadically and neglect your teeth in between then you really can’t expect results. What is required is consistent and sustained effort at keeping your teeth squeaky clean. Any signs of plaque, tartar, or trapped food particles and you must get to them with a vengeance. Brush from all corners and sides, even behind your teeth. Do not leave any crevice and cranny uncovered or untouched by your brush. After that floss and you will be certain to have removed the minutest of food particles hidden between your teeth and the braces.
If you have invisialign braces then the positive side is that you can remove them whilst you brush and then put them on. There have been instances of people who had yellow teeth before they put the braces on and they were worried. But regularly brushing them enabled them to not develop braces induced spots and stains, although the color of their teeth remained the same.
Even if you develop stains after due brushing regularly you will be able to get rid of them easily as they will not be deeply entrenched in the enamel. Hence once the braces are removed you will have a healthy and pearly white set of teeth. For this you must ensure that you at least brush twice a day for thirty seconds each time.
Brushing skills are important. If you develop these skills during the time that you have your braces on they will last you for a lifetime. On the other hand if you do not brush your teeth then the spots left behind will be quite embarrassing and there will not be much of a chance of you bearing your smile to show off your straight row of teeth.
Therefore, if you notice that not brushing your teeth will entirely defeat the purpose of you having got the braces in the first place. Your goal is not to have teeth that are stained, spotted and look abnormal, but, is straight at the same time.
It is never going to be harmful for you if you brush your teeth and there is nothing like too much of brushing luckily. The more you brush your teeth the more will your oral health improve and your teeth and gums will thank you for it. Create this good habit for yourself and it will stay without you for a lifetime long after the braces have been removed and forgotten about.

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