You will notice that smokers usually have teeth that are yellowish because the nicotine in cigarettes tends to stain teeth. Now in case a smoker wears braces then the place where he has braces will remain a lighter shade of yellow and the other teeth will get further stained by nicotine. This will look really ugly as his teeth will look mottled with different shades of yellow on them.

Tobacco used in any kind such as in cigarettes, cigars, hookahs, or chewed is bound to stain your teeth to a yellowish hue. This is the effect of nicotine as it passes through your teeth. There are several dental side effects of smoking and staining of teeth is just one of them.

These stains caused by smoking are real deeply entrenched in the enamel and not just removed by brushing your teeth regularly. These stains will have to be removed either by bleaching, whitening of teeth by a dentist. Even after these treatments it is not certain whether your teeth will be able to come back to the original white that they were. Once the enamel of the tooth, which is the outermost layer gets discolored it is quite tedious and difficult to get it back to its original shade. Smoking with braces on also helps to build up tartar and plaque which makes dental cleaning difficult and this in turn leads to further development of stains.

Sometimes people believe that if you don’t inhale the smoke you are not at risk of staining your teeth; but, that is a misconception. Your teeth are bound to be stained once you light up the stick. Tobacco that is smokeless tends to produce more harmful toxins and stain to your teeth then the other kinds.

The thing that you must remember is that once you wear braces your teeth does require extra care and more so with you smoking. The best way possible for you to enjoy a nice and healthy smile is to brush your teeth twice a day. If you wear invisialign braces the advantage is that you can remove them and brush your teeth until they sparkle. Floss your teeth daily too to remove any hidden germs, plaque which a toothbrush can’t.

If you don’t smoke, it is a good idea not to start now. Smoking will stain your teeth and gums like nothing else can and will be conducive in tartar build up on your teeth. This will ensure that you have perpetual bad breath. Doesn’t sound really a pleasant circumstance to be in? Then the purpose of getting you braces is not going to be served at all. You won’t be able to bear your smile as they will be spotted with stains on them that will look really ugly.

Although, most stains can be removed by cleanings undertaken at a dentist or hygienist. Though there is no guarantee that the teeth will be as good as new and the way they were prior to smoking.

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