Firstly, if you have decided to wear braces you are certainly concerned about the way your teeth look. Also, once you have braces you must be extremely cautious about maintaining oral hygiene or else your teeth will develop stains that might be difficult to get rid of. It is not the braces which cause the stains but the lack of maintaining good oral hygiene with braces which cause the staining.

Always brush your teeth after meals. Brushing will enable you to un-lodge any food particles that have got stuck in between your teeth and braces. This will avoid any tooth decay and staining of your teeth.
Dentists also recommend that you floss your teeth as flossing will get out the particles that you can’t see but are there nevertheless. This will further reduce the chances of you staining your teeth. Also, use a fluoride mouth rinse.
When you have braces on avoid foods like curry, coffee, tea, red wine as they can create stains and when your braces come off the area covered with the braces won’t be stained and all the remaining area will be. This will certainly not be a very pretty sight to look at.
Even whilst you are having your braces treatment you could consider having your teeth cleaned professionally by a dentist. This will ensure that all the stains are kept at bay from your teeth.
People opt for braces because they want to improve their smile and the way they look. When you remove your braces and you notice stains on them then you can go ahead and have your teeth bleached. Whitening of the teeth works well on moderate stains and restores stained teeth to their white color once again.
You could also try some over the kitchen counter remedies such as using baking soda, salt and lemon juice to scrub the stains off your teeth. These will be easy to get and have no detrimental effect on your teeth.
Once again the braces do not cause the stains on the teeth rather if you maintain good oral hygiene and take care not to consume the things which are difficult to clean; the teeth can not be stained. The problem of staining the teeth with Invisalign is less as to maintain the oral hygiene with Invisalign is easy. You can remove them, brush your teeth and can put them back. With ceramic braces during treatment if you consume the things like curry, red wine, beverages like tea, coffee or coke it can stain the rubber bands which are used to ligate the wire with the bracket and it looks very unaesthetic. For this the bands are changed in every visit or use the bands with darker shade so that the staining is not visible.

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  • dr ritz

    dr ritz 14 - December - 2011, at 22:50 PM

  • Samantha, you may or may not have stains on teeth after braces removal. If you maintained good oral hygiene with braces treatment, then chances of staining of teeth will be less. If stains occur after braces removal, then you can get dental cleaning done to remove them and after 1 month, you can get professional teeth whitening done.

  • Samantha

    Samantha 14 - December - 2011, at 20:44 PM

  • Hi, i had braces for about 1 year and a half and im getting them off soon but i drink tea,ice caps but mostly drink water But i ALWAS brush my u think i will get stains on my teeth?

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