We all try to reach to the bacteria that hover in the crevices of our teeth using a good toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash. Even then we aren’t able to get to them all the time and hence we do need professional cleaning of our teeth. Once you get to a dentist for cleaning your teeth it will cost you anywhere between $75 to $150 depending on the factors such as the reputation and goodwill that the dentist holds, the office and the locality in which it is situated and the equipment used. Some patients are known to try going to different dentists for cleaning their teeth as they can get a good first time round deal from the dentist. In that case you might also get your teeth cleaned for as low as $50.

Dental Cleaning

However, the cost of teeth cleaning is worth it as otherwise you will have gum disease over the age of 40 and lose your teeth faster than you can count them.

Let us look at the typical standard costs involved in a teeth cleaning procedure.

  1. The charge that you will need to pay for a dental examination of the health of your teeth and standard teeth cleaning after that will be from $50 to $ 135. Dental insurance companies do cover a part of it or the entire cost for a specific number of visits to the dentist for teeth cleaning.

  2. In case you require more in depth and extensive cleaning that that is done by scaling or root planning which is based on covering it in quadrants. This will be about $100 to $400 per quadrant depending on how severe is the problem with your teeth. The quadrants are marked according to the upper right, upper left, lower right and lower left.

  3. The cost for the entire mouth is about $400 to $1600. Luckily, most dental insurances do cover scaling and root planning in their plans.

  4. There could be some additional costs included too such as X-rays. X-rays will enable the dentist to gauge whether this problem is from within the teeth or just from the periphery. The teeth cleaning of a new patient will require this and will cost about $13 to $135.

  5. If you are a new patient and haven’t had dental care for a long time then you might have to go for a full mouth debridement which is the process wherein the excess is cleaned away and the dentist ensures that there is no build up on the gums and bones of tartar and plaque. This will cost you a further $ 75 to $150. Dental debridement is not covered by dental insurances most of the time.

Dental Cleaning At Low Cost

  1. There are dental college clinics that will offer you this service at a reduced rate. Here you will be serviced by a trainee dentist with a faculty overseeing the procedure.

  2. You could also try dental groups that offer subsidized services for the lower income patients.

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  • dr ritz

    dr ritz 07 - November - 2011, at 22:54 PM

  • Toothseeker, If standard scaling procedure is performed, then it costs around $50-$135 and if extensive scaling and root planing is done, then it costs around $100-$400 per quadrant. Cost of dental filling varies on the basis of number of surfaces which are involved in dental filling. If more surfaces are involved, then cost will be more. Composite fillings cost around $100-$200 and cost of $1300 for dental cleaning and 4 ceramic dental filling is fine. Your dentist should have disclosed the price of procedure earlier only. he should have told you that you require dental filling and cleaning and it will cost you this much amount. If fillings are not yet done, then you can talk to your dentist for money reback.

  • toothseeker

    toothseeker 07 - November - 2011, at 21:08 PM

  • I just had my teeth cleaned and was told the vouchers I purchsed will,not be honored. So I hVe already thrown away approx. 200. Then, went I went to pay up, I was told the charge was over 600. The cleaning took a half hour. I asked why so high, and was told it was partial payment for 4 ceramic molar fillings, that would be completed upon,my return. Furthermore, ithis is only half the fee, I will need tov pay over 600. next time I show for the fillings. I am not a wealthy person, have no insurance, so pay cash. I receive no discount for sVing him the hassle of filing claims and waiting for payments. I believe these costs are ridiculous, or either I just can't afford this care, but I'm beginning to believe I am being taken advantage of. What do you think? Is 1300. The going price for the services I mentioned? Regardless, I cannot afford this and need to get the money back I hVe paid for services to be provided when I return. I want to ask for the return of my money, which I paid in cash. It will only have been one day if I call the dentist tomorrow to get my money. There is a 3day law protecting Va consumers right to change their minds concerning purchases. Should I easily have my money returned? Thanks. BTW, I thought cleanibgs were 100.-150. Must be some expensive ceramic!

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