Dental fillings are of several kinds. However, if you were to opt for the best which are the composite resin fillings then the cost will be anywhere in the range of $150 to $200. Whereas, metal filling, will cost you about $75 to $ 145 per filling. Hence, on an average the dental filling costs about $50 to $300 depending on where you live and the filling material that is used by the dentist such as amalgam or composite.

Dental fillings on an average cost one about $50 per tooth. Having said that do keep in mind that so called cheap fillings are bad fillings and will not last you for a long time. Cheap fillings are as good as having no fillings as they will not last long and hence the time and effort that has been invested in it on your part goes to waste.

On the other hand when you opt for a dental filling that is slightly on the higher end you will be able to make it last for a lifetime and be doing your teeth great service in return.

If you notice dentists tend to charge different prices based on different parameters. The silver filling is of course cheaper than the white one. You must call up different dental clinics in your area to find out the cost of dental filling in that region and what is the average charged taking more or less a dollar.

The fillings also cost different based on whether they are for permanent or baby teeth, for front or rear teeth. It is also based on the surfaces that need to be filled and how deep is the cavity.

  1. Hence, a silver amalgam filling for a primary baby tooth is in the range of $74 to $102 for first surface and $ 107 to $ 142 for the fourth surface.
  2. For a silver amalgam filling for permanent teeth is $97 to $131 for the first surface and $128 to $183 for the fourth surface.
  3. Whereas, composite resin filling for the front permanent teeth are between $91 to $118 for the first surface and $187 to $248 for the fourth surface.
  4. Composite resin fillings for the rear teeth are more expensive at $ 93 to $183 for the first surface and $216 to $ 288 for the third surface.

Therefore, if you were to realize the cost that you end up paying for dental fillings depends on several factors. These factors are how big is your filling and where, which state do you live in, the dentist that you visit, the dental office and whether insurance will cover you.

In fact there are several patients who opt to go overseas for dental care and for fillings too. If you are close to Mexico then you can go there as a filling can cost you about $30 with a guarantee of a few years. These places offer you the same kind of dental care without the overheads.

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    bill 11 - July - 2011, at 11:30 AM

  • filling in the uk silver £450 filing in the uk white £650 teeth cleaning in uk £180.00 check up on teeth in uk £450.00 root canel in the uk £1,750

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