If you are thinking of joining a dental school to become a dentist then you would certainly want to know the cost involved. The average cost of becoming a dentist can be quite expensive.

Public schools charge about $150,000 for a course of 4 years. This includes all the expenditure involved with studying and includes living expenditure too. When you compare public schools with private schools which charge anywhere between $300,000 to 350,000 to make you a full-fledged dentist, you will notice that it is quite an expensive thing to get through dental school. Most students who have been through it will be able to tell you that dental schools can be an expensive endeavor but worthwhile in the long run. Students who are not in a position to bear the financial costs of dental schools look for scholarships or else opt for a student loan. Before you start on this path you must know the costs involved so as to be able to plan accordingly.Although you will have to opt for student loans you will be able to repay them faster then compared to other students. The average dentist earns about $100,000 and for dentist specializing in a particular field they can make an average yearly income of about $200,000. Hence, a dental education is a wise enough investment on your part for your future career growth. You can begin by applying for federal student loans that anyone can apply to.The dental school fees depend on the school that you choose to study from. According to the last research conducted by Health and Resources and Services Administration the average cost for tuition and fees for 4 years of dental school is about $100,000 and higher in private schools. A student graduating from dental school has about $120,000 to repay in school loans. In private schools it can amount to up to $250,000. This of course does not include all the miscellaneous expenditure that one will incur such as equipment, living expenses, books and so forth.The costs will be far lower for students who are residents of that state when compared to students coming over from different states. It is more than double for non-residents. The dental fees usually need to be paid in two equal installments and students do not pay tuition fees for summer vacations.There are several challenges for dental students and the high cost of education could be one of them.To sum up, dental students at a public university will pay about $5700 to $34,800 per year if they are residents of the state or about $22,800 to $139200 for four years.Non-resident tuition fees are about $11,000 to $ 53,000 per year or $ 44,000 to $ 212,000 to complete the four year program. Out of all the dental accredited universities the average cost is about $130,200for residents and $ 179,350 for non-residents. There are additional costs such as admission tests, instruments, laptops, dental school software and so on.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 10 - November - 2012, at 00:31 AM

  • Hi MOHAMED,Almost all private schools will cost more than any public school.Your state school will be the cheapest.If your state doesn't have a school,then it may have a relationship with a neighboring state with a public dental school.In general, it's difficult to get into a public school if you're not a resident in that state or if the school has some sort of arrangement with surrounding states that do not have their own state-funded dental school.If you are a super stud applicant and do make it into a public school outside your state,you'll usually have to pay out-of-state tuition, which bumps the price up to rival most private school.Hope that helps.

  • Mohamed

    Mohamed 09 - November - 2012, at 09:54 AM

  • you said above: international student fees for 4 year period is $44000 to $212000. Could you till me what is the university that charges $44000. or the university that charges close to the $44000. please. i have been searching for dental school with cheap international fees for a long time, and i will be finishing high-school soon. if what you mentioned above is true and that there is really a dental school that charges in the $44000 range, you would save my life. and i will be very thankful to you.

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