Dental bridges are available in three different types and the cost for these vary based on the number of missing teeth you have. There is the traditional fixed bridge, in which the area between two crowns left due to missing tooth is filled to finish the gap. The resin bonded dental bridge is used for front teeth and is less expensive as it does not have large fillings. The third kind is the cantilever bridge which is used when there are teeth missing only on one side.

Now, if you are to consider the cost of the dental bridges they depend on several factors. These factors are how many teeth are missing and from which region of the mouth and what type of bridge will be best suited for it. On the whole a dental bridge will usually cost one in the range of $ 500 to $900 per tooth. Dental insurance usually agrees to pay for half of the cost of the bridge. This rate is for the cost per tooth in the bridge and does not include any other incidental charges such as anchoring of the crown to support it on either side of the bridge. If you were to opt for the Maryland dental bridge then it will cost you in the range of $ 250 to $550 for each attaching wing and $600 to $ 1200 for each false tooth.

Dental bridges are in demand because they allow you to have a natural and beautiful smile once again although you may have lost a tooth or two. When you compare the cost of dental bridges with dental implants they are far more cost effective and are also partially covered in your insurance plans.

The cost will also vary according to the part of country that you have it done in. Whatever money you spend on it will be certainly worth it as it will offer you the chance to smile once again despite having lost a tooth.

If you were to consider dental bridges in the New York City or New Jersey area then you could end up paying about $ 2500 per tooth. Although if you were to ask most dentists they would say that a cost of $700 is a fair enough price. The dental bridges last for about ten to twelve years hence it is good value for money.

For $ 700 the dental bridge that you will get is a porcelain one which is fused to a gold crown. This is a good enough choice for dental bridges. Dentists usually don’t recommend the metal bridges as they are uncomfortable and might irritate the gums. Although slightly less expensive they are not worth it in the long run. Hence, there might be less expensive options too but they might not be able to function and look as good as the natural ones.

Therefore, you now know what to expect when you select dental bridges and the approximate price that you will have to pay for them.

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