We all know how important dental insurance can be in these times of rising medical expenditure. There are several different kinds of dental insurance plans available. These could be selected by you as an individual or it could be a part of the employment benefits that your employer gives you. The cost of the insurance will differ based on the plan that you have selected and the insurance cover that you have for various dental procedures.

There are some low cost dental plans that you can get for yourself for as less as a few dollars in a month. A low cost dental insurance plan can be yours for an amount as low as $6 per month. This is called capitation insurance. Capitation dental insurance is a fixed amount paid to a dentist for a patient registered with them. For this amount the patient is assured of receiving routine check-ups however, for any other work they will have to pay. They will need to pay per visit to the dentist. These kinds of insurance premiums are extremely affordable for anywhere between $6 to the highest range of $16.

There is another kind of dental insurance plan called the indemnity dental insurance plan. This kind of plan will allow you to choose your own dentist and the insurance company will reimburse you the amount you have spent on the procedure. However, the amount covered is only 50 to 80%of the cost and the remaining amount will be needed to be paid by you as out of pocket expense. Only those dental procedures that have been listed in the policy will be covered. There are some annual limits beyond which you cannot avail the dental insurance plan. These kinds of plans are for $15 per month and can go up to $25 with more procedures added to it.

The preferred dental insurance will allow you to choose dental care treatment from a host of participating dentists. These dentists have a tie up with the insurance company and as such will offer you a subsidized rate for the treatments. The monthly premiums for this kind of insurance are $20 per month. The flip side of this kind of dental insurance is that if you do not go to a participative dentist listed there you will end up paying a higher cost and it will not be recoverable from the insurance provider.

There are a few employers who provide dental insurance which is 100% recoverable and there is just a usual annual limit to it.

Therefore, the monthly premium is at an average of $12 to $ 50 per person according to the National Association of Dental Plans.

With the cost of dental care increasing by the day all of us do need to have a dental insurance plan in place to meet any contingencies. Even after taking enough care of their teeth and nutrition some people are faced with dental concerns and then huge dentist’s bills if they aren’t insured.

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