If you have always wondered at how these models have such sparkling white teeth and wanted the same then teeth whitening is the answer to it. Teeth whitening can get your teeth looking their brightest best with no longer teeth that are yellow, or stained from too much smoking, drinking or coffee.

Let us look at the cost for you to get the confidence behind a smile that is worth a million dollars. There are several different kinds of teeth whitening methods out there and the cost varies according to the method chosen. The typical in-office teeth whitening treatments will cost you anywhere between $100 and $ 800 while the standard at-home bleaching trays that can be made to fit your jaw size by a dentist will cost you anywhere in the range of $300 and $2000. This of course varies according to the dentist you go to and the locality in which he/she is situated in.

When you consider teeth whitening, you might have to visit the dentist once for mild stains or several times for treatment too. This will certainly affect the cost you will end up paying for teeth whitening. If a ball park figure were to be quoted then it would range from $400 to $900. Some of these fees as with any other elective option are quite subjective in nature based on several different factors such as the location of the dental office, the high end image of the dentist and so forth.

Some dentists will advise you to go in for an in-office bleaching treatment and then follow this up with an at home whitener to get the best effects out of it. This will result in additional costs.

Home Bleaching Trays

Also, if a major part of the treatment is done by an attending staff member rather than the dentist themselves then the cost will be lower. If the dentist uses activation light or a laser during the whitening process then the cost will be higher as higher end equipment needs to be used. In such cases the dentist will charge at the higher end of the cost spectrum.

Moreover, when whitening teeth the teeth need to be isolated so that the whitening agent does not come in contact with the patient’s soft tissues such as the gums, cheeks and lips. This requires the expertise of a trained hand. In addition, sometimes dentists just concentrate on the front teeth and leave the molars as it is. When people smile the molars are also visible and if they too haven’t been whitened then they look very unsightly. Hence, ask your dentist whether the cost for the whitening that has been quoted covers all the teeth. Besides, if the dentist recommends that you follow the professional treatment up with an at home one then will there be an additional cost involved for any at-home whitening products that are used.

Teeth whitening is a must have in today’s world both for men and women and is available for all kinds of budgets and time frames too.


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