We all know that dental care prices are hitting the roof these days. We all need to look after our oral health and go for dental checkups regularly. So, how does one find low cost dental care? Or is there one out there in the first instance.

There are a few options where you can get quality and cheap dental care. The resources listed beneath can be tried:


§    There are places that are open for clinical trials. NIDCR seeks volunteers with specific dental or oral health concerns to try out their new research or products on. These researchers will give you free or low-cost dental treatment for particular conditions that they want to find out more about. The condition is that you do need to meet the requirements that they set. There are several federally funded such researches which might just suit your requirements.
§     Your next option should be dental schools. These schools can provide you with good dental care at extremely down to earth and reduced costs. Most of the dental schools have teaching facilities which allow dental students to gain hands on experience. You need not worry about the efficacy of these treatments as they are monitored by a trained specialist and an experienced licensed dentist. There are post-graduate and faculty clinics too which you could select for your low cost dental care. In order to find out schools that are close to you, you need to call up the Dental Association or log onto their website and you will get the location of dental schools in your locality. 
§    Another option that you could try is the Bureau of Primary Health Care. This is the place where you will find federally funded community health centers across he country that provide people with free or reduced health services and a part of that is the dental care.
§   There are also centers for Medicare and Medicaid which provides one with health insurance program for people who are above 65 years. However, this does not cover routine dental checkups or dentures.
§    There is mediaid which is a program run by the state and makes certain families eligible for the medical aid which includes dental care. Most states give limited emergency dental services for people over 21.
§    SCHIP is a service that offers free dental care for children up to 19 years who aren’t covered by health insurance.

Therefore, if you research and try and find out you will come across plenty of state and local health department programs which will be able to offer you free or low cost dental care. You can log on to their websites or call them up to find out about the services they offer and whether you will be eligible for them. It will certainly be worth trying as if you are on a budget and need dental care this is your best bet.

The United Way is a program that will be able to guide you towards free or reduced dental health care in your community.

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