Veneers are a must have for people whose teeth are damaged or stained. Instead of feeling embarrassed or self conscious to bear your teeth and smile, veneers will help you do that effortlessly. Veneers approximately cost one up to $500 per tooth. Before the veneer is placed on the tooth, the tooth needs to be evened out and reduced. Although like all other treatments this base cost can vary on various factors such as the place you live in, the experience and training that the dentist has had, the experience and training of the staff manning the dental clinic, cost of the materials, the laboratory fees and the overall cost of the veneer. The cost will increase if you go in for a digital photo, smile design, want any alterations and remakes before the veneer has been fixed and the post operative care that you might require. In that case it could go all the way up to $1070 too.

If you want veneers that look just like natural teeth and leave you with teeth that have no stains, aren’t chipped or crooked then veneers is a very good option. Who doesn’t want teeth that are in a straight row of pearly whites?


Cost of Porcelain Veneers

The cost of porcelain veneers depend on the number of teeth that you want treated. The cost will be anywhere from $700 to $2000 per tooth. However, these veneers are long lasting and look attractive. They will change the way you look forever and give you the added confidence of knowing that you look good. There are other treatments too that cost much less however their outcome is not the same. They are not long lasting like the veneers and need to be repaired more often. They lose their attractiveness and cosmetic appeal over a period of time. Which is certainly not so when you opt for veneers. Hence, you might find them a little on the expensive side but they are worth the money spent on them. Therefore, the average cost of a veneer will be about $1500 a piece. This will differ based on the state that you have it done too. If you go to Iowa then you will find veneers at a low cost sometimes lower than $800 a piece, on the other hand if you go to Chicago or Los Angeles the veneer can cost you as much as $2000 a piece as these are considered to be high fee areas.


There are a few veneers that might be offered to you at a very low range price. However, beware of these as they are to low for quality veneers. A veneer in order to be able to do everything that it promises you must be fixed correctly by the dentist or else they will not serve the purpose. A dentist who has artistic sensibility and the right kind of training will be able to do so for sure. Therefore, look beyond the cost of the porcelain veneer and you will see the plethora of benefits that it has to offer you.

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