There has begun a new momentum wherein dentists have decided to give back to the society and the community that they live in. Almost all the dentists across the continent have decided to have a few free dental care days. These clinics are open to people who do not have any dental insurance to fall back on. Consequently, if you are looking for cleanings, filings, x-rays or other dental procedures you will be able to get them free.

This momentum is called Dentistry from the Heart and is a nonprofit registered organization which wants to provide quality and affordable dental care to those who can’t afford it.

There is a list of participating dentists in this event and you can find one closest to you. Every year more and more dentists are joining in to provide free dental care.

In addition, there are several free dental clinics where one can get free dental help. At times this might not be absolutely free but a small fee may be charged. Some places might ask you to donate whatever you feel like while there might be a few which ask you for $20 per visit.

The motive and objective behind all these free dental care clinics is to provide you with dental care when you cannot afford it and still need it. Some of these clinics are for low income groups and the homeless. Some of these are only open to the local residents of that place whereas some of these clinics only treat for some specified dental treatments only.

You will also find other sources for free dental care. They are your local health department, religious organizations, charities, doctors and nurses’ organization.

These free dental clinics are run by the funds that they receive from several organizations. The support that is rendered to them is quite amazing. There are many a volunteer dentist, dental technician, nurse working here in their free time. Also, there is several non-medical staff providing working in the periphery.

If you are to do a reality check you will realize that there are several citizens out there who just can’t afford a conventional dental treatment. There is a desperate need for people to get affordable and at times free quality dental treatment.

The reality of these free dental clinics is that there are thousands of people waiting for one such clinic and when it happens there will be lines as long as snakes. You might be overwhelmed by the number of people who have no money for dental care. Although some patients might have had dental insurance but due to the recession or job loss they might not have been able to pay such high premium and the insurance might have lapsed. In that case they had no other option but to opt for a free dental procedure.

There is a substantial population out there for whom dental care is out of reach. At the same time investment in good teeth and oral hygiene is a must to avoid problems later on.

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  • Peggy Vazzana

    Peggy Vazzana 26 - February - 2012, at 15:23 PM

  • I have faught though cancer and now am losing my teeth. They are breaking off and my gums are recieding. I have lost my health inurance and have not dental insurance. I am low income and need to find a place to have my problem taken care of. I know I am going to need major work. I am a single mother of 4 and just want to feel better. I dont smile anymore always tired and I know my teeth have alot to do with it. Please can someone direct me. Thank you Peggy

  • Anastasia Orlyansky

    Anastasia Orlyansky 09 - December - 2011, at 16:06 PM

  • I lost part of my teeth on the bottom

  • Belinda Offley

    Belinda Offley 14 - November - 2011, at 07:53 AM

  • Looking for free dental care. In need of upper and lower dentures. Thank you for anything you can do for me. Bless you Belinda

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