Lasers are increasingly being used in dentistry for various procedures. These are used in Root Canal Treatment, Sterlization in Endodontics, Apeiceotomy, Periodontics. For easy understanding of lasers in dentistry, we are giving below few of the applications of lasers in dentistry.

Bmp of Root Canal

Dental laser can be used for the removal of the debris and preservation of the tapered shape of the prepared root canal. Nd: YAG laser is used.


Nd:YAG Lasers

Laser in Apicoectomy

The rationale for lasers are in endodontic per apical surgery includes the following:

  1. Improved hemostats
  2. Visualization of operative field
  3. Sterilization of the contaminated root apex
  4. Reduction of post operative pain
  5. Reduced risk of contamination of the surgical site   through elimination of aerosol producing air   turbine headpiece.

Laser Used To Soften Gutta Percha

Argon laser created an apical seal almost identical to that obtained with lateral condensation so used to soft gutta percha to produce good apical seal.    


Lasers in Oral Surgery


The laser in oral surgery is defined by the laser tissue interaction types. These are mainly thermal effects depending especially on the absorption of laser light in varying biological tissues. The effects of laser are demonstrated on oral mucosa, bone and cartilage have a great influence on wound healing. The good coagulation effect of the Nd:YAG laser is wanted for homeostasis in soft tissue surgery and for the treatment of precancerous dysplasias or neoplasia an effective cutting with a coagulation effect.


The excision of benign mucosal lesions as well as performing osteotomies or shaping of cartilage should be undertaken with the Er:YAG laser without greater coagulation and without any delay of wound healing. 


Laser in Periodontics


The laser in periodontics is used for the following applications:

  1. Treatment of chronic periodontitis
  2. Treatment of common soft tissue problems
  3. Root surface detoxification

Lasers to Treat Gum Problems and Soft Tissue Concerns

The lasers used in periodontics are carbon dioxide laser, Nd: YAG laser and diode laser because of their excellent soft tissue ablation and hemostatics characteristics.

Diode Lasers

However when they are applied to the root surface or alveolar bone, carbonisation and thermal damage may occur. Therefore use of these lasers is limited to gingivectomy, frenectomy and similar soft tissue procedures. Recently Er:YAG and Erbium chromium doped: Yittrium selenium-gallium garnet laser scaling is introduced as an alternative or an adjunctive to conventional scaling and root debridement. These lasers effectively ablate iological tissues that contain water molecules 


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