The mini dental implant is shaped like a ball and the fixture acts like a socket. The socket has a rubber O-ring which closes over the ball when the denture is seated and holds the denture with a force so that it does not seem loose and wobbly in the mouth. These min dental implants were formulated by two doctors who knew that they were on to something really worthwhile. After years of research these min dental implants were launched in 1999 and after that there has been no looking back for them. Scores of patients have benefited from using them.

These min dental implants are perfectly safe to use and are approved by the FDA. Several dentists all over the country are recommending them as they increase the comfort levels and functionality of the traditional dentures. There have been several technical and clinical evidence researches conducted on these min dental implants and they have always come out positive.

Mini Dental Implants

More and more dentists are opting to use these min dental implants for the support that they proved especially in cases when the underlying bone structures cannot support it. They are used as long-term devices rather than the use of other short term or temporary devices. Therefore, these devices can remain in the patient’s jaw for years without any hindrance except the advantage of support provided. Some dentists have also started using these min dental implants for a single tooth replacement and in crowns and bridge cases. Patients who have been fitted with these min dental implants have only had positive things to say about it.

The most effective use that these min dental implants can be put to is for the stabilization of the lower denture. There are millions of people in the United States who have no teeth and hence need to struggle everyday with prosthesis that either do not fit well or are not stable. Moreover, these patients find it greatly uncomfortable to have these ill-fitting dentures on. Many of these patients are not able to continue with their social or professional lives because of the embarrassing situation that they are put to with the use of lose dentures. Also, lose and ill-fitting dentures are a perfect opportunity for food to get stuck amongst them and the formation of bad breath. But, with the placement of the min dental implants all these things are resolved. It goes on to fix the dentures and support them in such a manner that there is none of these problems that the patient has to face. The min dental implants can be fitted in a matter of hours by a dentist with enough training and expertise under his sleeve. The patient can leave the clinic smiling and with the dentures on within a matter of hours.

Mini Dental Implant

The way these min dental implants need to be fixed are by using four of them on your lower jaw. They need to be gently screwed on and do not worry; it is a fairly painless procedure. These are placed at an equal distance from one another and then the patient’s denture placed on top of it. When this happens the denture snaps onto the min dental implants ensuring the right tight fit to them. These min dental implants are so reliable that you will never shy away from eating and speaking in public.

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