What can you do if you have run out of money and you still need  dental care? You will look out for a free dental clinic which will be   able to provide you without the requisite treatment your budget not taken into consideration.

A dental cost, just like all the other medical costs, is extremely expensive and exorbitantly priced. At times you might have a dental insurance but it might not cover that specific dental concern. Some of the dental plans that you may have got for yourself might have limitations and in the bargain you are left with no cash but a dental emergency on hand. Free dental clinics can be a savior for you in these circumstances.

The first thing that you can do is to call your local health department and ask them about free dental clinics and the other information regarding them. Secondly, you can talk to the representative of a health agency or a healthcare institution. They will have the information about the free dental clinics, their location and the services they offer. They will be in a good position to guide you towards getting a free dental service.

Thirdly, you might want to consider buying a dental plan for yourself. As they say there is nothing like a free lunch. A dental plan will be yours for a few dollars but in return will give you a stipulated number of free visits to the dentist. This way you will be able to address your dental concerns at the dental clinic without really worrying about the mounting dental costs.

Log on online and check out the resources that are available out there. There might be promotional events, corporate run offers or promotional treatment that you might qualify for. There are dental products that offer one a free dental visit. Look out for these promotional offers and you can get a free visit to the dentist of your choice.

Ask around. Ask your friends and colleagues if they know of any free dental care services or offers. They might have had such service or know of someone who has had and will be able to tell you accordingly. You could visit a dentist and try and convince him of giving you a free dental service. There are dentists who do get persuaded by people going through a financially difficult time and give them a visit or two of free dental services.  If your friends have insurance plan try and find out if you might qualify to get a free dental check up under that scheme. You can call up the dental insurance agent and ask him/her if they are aware of any free dental clinics. 

Try and call up your social security department and see if they have free dental checkups and visits. Search for institutions that offer free dental services and register with them. Try and check with your credit card company. Rather than offering you the frequent flyer benefits they might be able to offer you a dental benefit. There is nothing wrong in asking and trying.


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    steven m. fiorino 20 - November - 2011, at 09:34 AM

  • i'm looking for a dental school who will do extractions for free

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