The dentists of today know the importance of giving back to the society. They hold free dental care clinics on specific days within certain hours. This is certainly a great resource for people who can’t afford quality dental care within their budgets. These clinics are held frequently in different places wherein the dentists donate their time and expertise and dental companies give the necessary materials. There are several participating dentists and this is growing every year. You can find out a list of dentists on the list on the dentistry from the heart website.

Also, there are several volunteers who are willing to help out with the dental fairs. There are also programs for give kids a smile which ensures that children whose family might not be able to afford quality care are assured of that. There are several people out there looking for dental care but what stops them from getting it is the price tag that is attached to it. Health centers across the country offer free dental services. You will just have to find out the one that is closest to you and visit it. You might also check if you are eligible for Medicare or Medicaid. Dental offices do accept these insurances and then you can get dental care that is completely free of cost.

There are church communities too that offer one free services in the dental health domain. This is usually offered once a month but these slots need to be booked before hand as they accept only twenty people at a time.


However, all the free dental care programs aren’t really advertised widely because these slots get filled up really fast. If you do your research well enough, either online, or by talking to friends or colleagues you will be able to find out about the free dental care services in your vicinity. Although these free dental care opportunities might not be easily found they do exist and a little bit of hard work on your end will certainly enable you to root them out.

Dental schools are a real good option to get free dental care. They are always in need of people so that their students get to work on them. There are thousands of disadvantaged people who cannot afford healthcare and hence they might be tempted to forego it. But, dental problems if neglected will rear their head as a bigger problem. Hence, the best option is to find you a free dental care treatment quick enough before the problem multiplies. There are several free dental foundations that have been set up. These foundations have several programs of different kinds to meet the needs for people’s dental care.

There are also charity missions that are conducted once a year or so wherein you can get a free dental examine and treatment. More than thousands of people have received these kinds of dental care treatment. Find out about these events and ensure that you are a part of them as this will give you free dental care.

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  • Abdul Rahman

    Abdul Rahman 13 - September - 2013, at 03:15 AM

  • Dear Sir, My son Abdul Rahman is a 20 year old Ectodermal Dysplasia (skin, hair, nail disorder) affected individual. This disorder is characterized by absence of sweat glands which causes him to heat up during hot weather and absence of teeth and scanty hair.He is a BBA second year student at a business school in Hyderabad, Pakistan. My husband and I are very much concerned about his education. Even though he is studying at one of the best institutes we would like him to explore and broaden his horizons by sending him abroad. Morever, our extremely hot climate throughout the year along with frequent power outages makes for a very uncomfortable living. Lack of awareness about his disorder in our society is another reason why we want him to be educated in a more facilitated environment. My husband is a textile engineer with a limited salary and cannot even afford to get him treated. We are eager to know if you offer a special program along with financial assistance for such children. If so, kindly forward us all the information about the program and procedure for application. For hospitals: I have a 20 year old son Abdul Rahman who has Ectodermal dysplasia since birth. Abdul Rahman needs several implants and a series of complex surgeries for his dental condition. Besides battling with an extremely hot climate and frequent power outages, temperatures soaring up to 48 degrees Celsius here, he also cannot eat regular food because of his dental condition. My husband is a textile engineer in a local textile mill in Hyderabad, Pakistan and his meager income does not allow us to afford such an expensive treatment. Besides, I want the best available treatment for my son and unfortunately in Pakistan that kind of medical technology and expertise is not available yet. I would like to know if your hospital is running any charity service or has a special fund allotted to help children like my son. In other words would the hospital be willing to bear all the treatment costs for my son?

  • myleen mcginnis

    myleen mcginnis 18 - August - 2012, at 14:59 PM

  • i need help!my teeth are black,broken down to gums,absessed,always in pain for years! i have S-L-E [lupus]diabetic &heart disease.had heart attack,have stent. on PLAVIX &3 other heart meds,plus other meds.have medicaid.drs.wrote medicaid,saying it's medically necessary to have teeth out but needs to be done in hospital because i would need to stop plavix for surgery,aspirin, so i wont bleed to death,but at risk for another heart attack by stoppimg plavix &aspirin for teeth to be removed! medicaid does'nt pay for dental for adults.denied request!infection in teeth keep my immune system attacking my body,due to lupus.any ideas.i also have copd.This really needs to be done in hospital for my please!GOD BLESS YOU!

  • kelly zarlengo

    kelly zarlengo 12 - March - 2012, at 07:38 AM

  • i need to see a dentist but can't afford it with or without insurance. i have medicaid but the don't take adult dental over 21 where in port orange fl can i go see a dentist for free. i also have peridontial diease that needs to be treated as well

  • steven m. fiorino

    steven m. fiorino 20 - November - 2011, at 09:29 AM

  • i'm looking for a dental school that provide free teeth exractions my teeth are a mess and makes it almost impossible to eat. i'm in constant pain.

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