The occupation of a dental hygienist is rated as one of the fastest growing ones. In order to be a certified dental hygienist you need to have a degree from an accredited dental hygiene school and a State license that is required to practice in this profession. A dental hygienist has phenomenal job prospects and a good career growth. The job of a dental hygienist is to remove the plaque and the tartar that might have accumulated on the patient’s teeth. They also educate the patients in the knowledge of how good oral hygiene should be practice and the things that the patients can do in order to minimize any future problems. In short they help you take care of your gums and teeth so that they can serve you for a lifetime. They also examine your teeth and gums and let you know how healthy they are and if there are any concerns. Any deviations from the normal in your teeth and gums health get recorded by them.

A dental hygienist uses different tools to complete the examination. Their job is quite varied as in they take x-rays, apply cavity preventative agents, administer anesthetics in some states, remove sutures and even do temporary fillings.They also counsel patients and inform them about how crucial it is to maintain a good healthy diet if they want to keep their teeth intact. They might also show patients how to choose a good brush and brush and floss their teeth in the right manner.

Hence, a dental hygienist makes diagnoses of the patient’s oral health and then prepares a report. They also help the dentist to interpret the diagnostic tests. At times a dental hygienist works alongside a dentist.

The plus points of being a dental hygienist are that you get to work flexi-times according to your needs. They have several slots such as weekends, late evenings, early mornings to choose from. Most dental offices have dental hygienists working only two or three days per week. This way a dental hygienist can have part time jobs in more than one office.

Therefore, a dental hygienist is a licensed dental professional and they specialize in preventive medicinal care with the main focus on oral health. A dental hygienist in their day to day work will have to clean a patient’s teeth, scale and root plan, take the required radiographs, use dental sealants and give the requisite information and instructions to the patients.

Usually a dental hygienist will adopt a five step procedure with their patients. This is:

1.  Assess the patient and find out their past medical history, the x-rays that they already have with them and perform a clinical examination.
2.  Then they diagnosis the concern that the patient has. Although this can only be confirmed by a dentist they do recreate all the requisite records.
3.  They then plan the steps in the treatment.
4.  They help the dentist carry out the plan.
5.  They evaluate the final outcome of the treatment and the patient’s feedback


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