The salary that a Dental Assistant draws on an hourly basis on an average is about $13.50. The annual wages for most Dental Assistant in the United States stands approximately at about $31,500 to $45000. This kind of salary can be yours if you choose to further your education and become a Dental Assistant. It will certainly allow you and your family a better life based on the salary and the job security that comes with this profession. If you want to go ahead with a long time career option as a Dental Assistant then you will certainly be interested to find out the amount of money that you can make. This fact can be a great motivator and deciding factor for a person to continue in that profession.

Let us consider what a Dental Assistant makes on an average. In order to determine this there are several factors that play a role. It majorly depends on your education and expertise. These two factors might bring about quite a bit of variation in the salaries drawn. The amount that you make as a Dental Assistant also depends on the state and province that you practice in. Say if you are in California or Texas or in an urban or rural area, then your salary will vary accordingly.


As a generalization, out of all the Dental Assistants survey about 50% of them earn between $29,000 and $36,000. The niche top 10% earns over $39,000. These are the Dental Assistants who have years of experience and enhanced educational qualifications to support it. On an average the Dental Assistant ends up earning $12 if he/she is straight out of college and with enough experience to back them up they can go on to earn $20 per hour.

The differences in the cost of living bring about a difference in what the Dental Assistant can earn in different states. This also depends on the demand for them and versus the supply of qualified Dental Assistants. There can be also some local factors in play to determine the salary of the Dental Assistant like in any other profession, such as how populous is the state, how many people opt for oral hygiene care.

Let us look at the figures per state:

·                     California –    $12.96
·                     New York –     $14.92
·                     Illinois –         $14.86
·                     Pennsylvania – $13.13
·                     Georgia –       $14.66
·                     Ohio –            $13.27
·                     Virginia –       $14.49

At the same time the salary will also depend on the city that the Dental Assistant operates in.

The salary for some of the largest and most populous cities is:

·                     Las Vegas –    $15.49
·                     Chicago –       $14.59
·                     Atlanta –        $14.93
·                     Tulsa –           $13.74
·                     New York –     $17.00
·                     Houston –      $12.33
·                     Charlotte –     $16.42
       The salary drawn by a Dental Assistant within a state will    also vary.
Having said that, these are the average figures and more experience, expertise and education that the Dental Assistant has to back them up the higher will be the earning potential for them.

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