The cost of the dental implants depends on several factors. On an average Dental Implants Cost between $1200 to $3000 depending upon your dental implant needs and type of dental implant you need. The first being whether dental implants are just the simple kind or does need more work to be done such as in the case of bone grafts and sinus lift. Any of these kinds of additional  implant procedures that need to be done will increase the dental implants price. In case you want to reduce the price then you can ask your dentist if it will be alright to use mini dental implants. If these are used then the Dental Impants cost will decrease by up to 30%.

There are several variables that need to be considered in order to decide the cost of the dental implant. First of all, it depends on the material that is used for the dental implants. Although most dental implant manufacturing companies have implants in the same price range varying by a few dollars here and there. The other cost factor that will add on to the cost of the dental implant is the cost incurred for x-rays, or CT scans. This will ensure that the dental implants are fixed accurately.

The cost for dental implants will also take into consideration the cost of the final tooth which is the crown which needs to be built according to specific specifications. The dental implant cost will also consider the health of the patient which includes the age, oral hygiene, and the jaw bone. These are the factors that will let you know whether you will require further treatment and this can enhance the cost of the dental implant. In that case you will need specialized expertise and will end up paying a higher fee for the dentist.

All of these factors are standardized to a certain extent but the only thing that varies greatly is the fees that the dentist will charge you. A whole basic dental implant can be yours within the range of $ 1200 to $3000. Although dental implants do not come cheaper than that the reason being it is a procedure that requires expertise and an entire team of professionals working to set it right. However, at the end of it, it is worth every dollar spent on it as you will be able to get an everlasting smile.

Depending on your specialized needs you may or may not require bone regeneration, sinus elevation and a wide diameter or narrow diameter for the implant to be fixed quickly. If you need any further specialized treatment then the cost could vary from $15000 to $ 30000 too. This includes the complete procedure and for both the upper and the lower jaw. The best way to determine the cost of a dental implant is to go for a consultation to your dentist and then after examination and taking all the circumstances into consideration they will be able to tell you the exact rate.

To conclude, keep $2000 to $4000 on an average to get yourself dental implants that will enable you to continue to smile forever.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 19 - August - 2012, at 23:24 PM

  • Dear RICHARD, Cost of implants varies from region to region and also from dentist to dentist. General dentist will obviously charge you less as compared to a dentist who is specialized in implants and crowns. Ideally for a single implant the cost is: $600 for bone graft $2000 for implant placement $2100 for restoration i.e. abutment+crown But as i said it varies depending upon dentist, location and material used during the procedure.

  • Richard

    Richard 19 - August - 2012, at 14:08 PM

  • Just wana knw how much 4 front upper teeth inplants may cost

  • abdule

    abdule 29 - September - 2011, at 02:54 AM

  • thanks but it look like each implant $2000-$4000 is out off my hand thank you very much

  • dr ritz

    dr ritz 28 - September - 2011, at 00:40 AM

  • Abdule, single implant will cost you around $2000-$4000. If additional procedures like bone grafting and sinus grafting is required, then it will cost you even more. Cost of dental implants varies from place to place and dentist to dentist. It also varies according to the type of dental implant which is given. You can visit an implantologist. He will do clinical examination and will give you a treatment plan for replacement of your missing teeth.

  • abdule

    abdule 27 - September - 2011, at 12:40 PM

  • i have no teeth upper and lower jaw i neen implant6-8 each jaw ,that makes it a total of 12-16 implant so i would like know how much it cost me to get implant my phone 00447400959151

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