Professional teeth whitening is getting famous every day as lot of people want to achieve a dazzling pearly white smile although some downsides to this service have been found. First thing to review, before you opt for a dental whitening procedure, is if your dental insurance will cover this procedure or not. Dental insurance covers many aspects of dental health, but those aspects cover he health and well being of your teeth, whereas dental whitening is considered a cosmetic procedure. It is done to improve the looks of your teeth, and not their health. And because this procedure is not regarded as being “medically necessary”, therefore your insurance company will not pay for it. You have to shell money for it, out of your own pocket.

Professional Teeth Whitening

The next problem with professional teeth whitening is that it is not suitable for people who have fillings in their teeth, with the filling being of same color as the teeth. It is also a bad choice for you, if you have crowns, which are white in color. It is so, because if you get professional bleaching, the remedial parts in your mouth, like crowns or fillings will not bleach in the way teeth will. And therefore, you will have to replace your fillings and crowns. And dental companies will again not pay for the replacement, as they will not consider it necessary.


Another minus of professional teeth whitening is that many people, who went for it, found that this procedure resulted in teeth sensitivity and pain in the gums. Although there are some measures that can be taken to decrease the sensitivity and pain, it is improbable that you will recognize in advance if you will have pain or not. So, this can be a very uncomfortable experience for some people. If you are fascinated with whitening your teeth, there are a lot of over-the-counter at home teeth whitening kits. These are comparatively inexpensive and as successful as professional whitening procedures.


Another negative aspect of teeth whitening is its efficiency. Will the teeth whitening procedure actually whiten your teeth? If you have serious discoloration, or teeth blemishes, think again.


Studies show that teeth whitening procedure is totally successful in about 79% of people. But in cases of severe teeth discoloration or stains, teeth whitening might not be the most excellent choice. Crowns or veneers might be a better choice. Generally people choose teeth whitening procedures over crowns, is because of its less cost.


Apart from these downsides, some people also experience uneasiness from using the mouth tray. Generally, this uneasiness or discomfort goes away in small time, but if you feel that there is some problem with the fitting of your mouth tray, you should call your dentist's office. They can generally make small alterations that will eliminate or minimize the problem.


These were a few problems to consider before opting for the teeth whitening procedure. And of course, not to mention, that teeth whitening is not permanent. If you get teeth whitening, you have to keep taking care of them all through your life.

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