Have you ever wondered like all the other people who have got braces about How Long Do I have To Wear Retainer For Post Braces. The retainers are the ones that are going to keep your teeth just the way you wanted them and that is long after the braces are off. Although not many people are aware of this, they are considered to be the most important aspect of the treatment in teeth braces. The moment your dentist removes your braces, you will have the retainers fixed. This will avoid your teeth from shifting and moving back to the same position as before.

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The orthodontist is the right person to decide on:

1.   the type of the retainer that you need
2.   and the amount of time that you need to have the retainer on.


The most commonly used retainer is the Hawley retainer because it gives your orthodontist the liberty to adjust it according to the need of your teeth. Hence, it can be customized according to the needs of your teeth.


Most orthodontists shy away from informing their patients that the retainers need to be worn religiously for the next few months, after your braces are off. In fact, you need to wear the retainers round the clock without any concession made. Keep in mind that the first few months after your braces have come off are the most important ones. If you don’t want your teeth to slide back to the original position then religiously wear your retainers.


After a few months you will not need to wear the retainers round the clock. Then you will just have to put them on at night. However, the practice of wearing your retainers at night can be a long process. Many people who have spent scores of money to get their teeth in line and their smile the kind that dreams are made of; don’t want to take any chances. Make certain that you ask your orthodontist informs you of how long you need to wear the retainers and follow their advice stringently. You might get so very comfortable with your retainers on, that you might like to keep them so. 


To sum up, the role of a retainer is that of re-in forcing that your teeth remain the same way after the treatment. For the retainer to be effective you will have to wear it permanently initially. On your dentist’s recommendations, the retainers can be worn only at nights. The actual number of months that the retainer needs to be worn will vary from person to person and how much your teeth need to be aligned in a straight line.


Ultimately, it will be your orthodontist and the treatment that you require that will decide the duration of the retainers being on your teeth after the braces have come off. Retainers won’t harm you in any way, but, they will certainly ensure that your teeth remain in a straight line and you are able to smile at the world confidently.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 24 - February - 2013, at 21:25 PM

  • Most of the time the retainers have to be worn for then 6 months. For initial 6 months they are worn day and night and after that they are worn for either alternate days or only at night. Some times they have to be worn for the life time and in that case the fixed retainers are given. You have to discuss with your dentist about the retainers and if you feel that the teeth move then for the time being till you see your orthodontist keep wearing them

  • neha

    neha 22 - February - 2013, at 23:37 PM

  • my dentist told me to wear retainers for 6 months bu this wore 9months but still my teeth are not fixed , they move specially after brushing!

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