Traditionally, one always used metal braces and the outcome of these metal braces has always been positive. However, with advancement in the field of orthodontics there are braces that are made of different materials too such as ceramic. But, metal braces continue to remain an all time favorite with patients because of the Cost for Metal Braces. They are able to deliver top notch service even at this price. The costs for braces vary widely depending on several factors. However, if you opt for metal braces you will end up paying approximately $4000. On the other hand, braces made of other materials could cost you as much as $10,000. 

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Let Us Look At What Are Metal Braces

Metal braces are the traditional kind with a thin wire placed on the teeth. They are anchored to each tooth and tightened in a slow manner as the teeth move in the right position. The Cost for Metal Braces is the most economical in the range of cost of braces for one’s teeth. They are not only extremely economical but also suitable for patients that require extensive realignment of their teeth. When you compare them with ceramic braces or the ceramic tooth colored ones they are value for money. The comparative analysis for metal versus ceramic braces show that when you opt for ceramic braces in place of a metal one then you will end up paying at least $500 extra. Of course, the cost for x-rays, extractions and other appliances will be extra. Hence, in the long run two years of metal braces will cost you in the range of $4000 to 5000. 


The cost for metal braces will also differ based on the place that you have them made and fixed. In the North West the rates differ such as in Idaho you will get them at $ 5,184 whereas in Wyoming you can get them for as low as $ 4,200.


In the South West region the rates are fairly fixed at $ 4,500. Whereas, in a place like Phoenix metal braces will be yours for as low as $ 3,250. In the Central part of the USA the cheapest is at Ohio, Cleveland at $2,500 but Ohio, Cincinnati the metal braces will cost you nothing less than $5,500. If you were to have metal braces done in Tennessee in the South East of the USA they will cost you about $2,850 for a treatment lasting six months. The most expensive of metal braces are at North Carolina in the South east at $6,000. 


Therefore, if you have decided on metal braces then they will be the right thing for the amount that you spend on them. The choice of your braces depends on

  1. the amount that you are willing to pay for them.
  2. The kind of treatment you need

Follow your orthodontist’s recommendations.

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  • dr ritz

    dr ritz 16 - September - 2011, at 02:42 AM

  • If your teeth are straight, then you don't need to go for braces treatment for it. If there are some minor defects present, then you can go for cosmetic procedures for correcting them. veneers or lumineers can be given to correct minor defects.

  • Breeana

    Breeana 16 - September - 2011, at 01:16 AM

  • My family says I don't need braces but I don't like the way my teeth look . Dose it matter if my teeth are almost straght ?

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