We all want to be healthy in all forms. We want perfect oral health, and for that, we buy all types of toothpastes, mouthwash, dental floss and many other things. But not all people know that drinking tea can be very beneficial for their teeth.  

Green Tea has been long found to protect our teeth, as it is the natural source of fluoride and fluoride protects our teeth from decay and rotting. Children have developing enamel, and they especially require fluoride, as it helps their enamel to harden correctly. If the enamel hardens in a proper manner, in our youth, we will have stronger teeth throughout our lives, and we will stay away from cavities.

Even if you are an adult, and your teeth have been fully developed, you can still drink tea to keep them in good health. The fluoride present in the green tea can slow down the growth of glucosyltransferase. Glucosyltransferase helps in the growth and development of plaque on our teeth surface, which is bad for teeth.
As per the findings of some dentists, black tea also helps in reducing bacteria. These bacteria combine with sugar that we eat, to form chemicals that stick on the surface of the teeth. Scientists believe that drinking black tea reduces the amount of dental plaque deposited on the teeth surface.
There are certain enzymes that help the plaque to cultivate on the outer layers of the teeth. If you drink green tea, you will be able to reduce those enzymes, thereby making your teeth safer. These enzymes combine with the sugar in your food to produce plaque.
A study was conducted by the UK Tea council, where a gourmet coffee house offered people; a beverage that contained whipped cream and sugar. This beverage also contained green tea extracts. Another beverage was served, with whipped cream and sugar, but without green tea extracts. Later, an examination of teeth of the people, who went for these drinks, was held. The results varied significantly. The people, who drank the beverage with same amount of whipped cream and sugar, but without the green tea, had much larger extent of plaque formation on their teeth, as compared to the people who drank the beverage with green tea. This study showed the teeth cleaning effects of the green tea.

Green tea is also good, if you are suffering from bad breath, as it hinders the growth of many bacteria that are responsible for bad breath. So go for green tea, and keep a naturally sweet breath.

If you think going green is not your cup of tea, here are some tips that can help you go for green tea:

Skip Coffee: If you are a coffee freak, and you can’t leave coffee, at least you can skip an extra cup of coffee and have tea instead. Even if you are a coffee maniac, you can definitely miss out on a single cup o coffee, if a substitute product is being offered, such as a cup of green tea.

Too Hot for Summers: If a hot cup of green tea is too hot for you, you can let it stand in the fridge and add ice to it, to turn it into a cool and refreshing beverage for summers.

Bottled Up: You can even find green tea packaged and ready to consume, from the market. It is tastier than the soda you drink, and is much healthier.

Carry Bags: Green tea also comes in carry bag form. You can simply carry the tea bags in your purse or wallet, or even your pocket. You will be ready to enjoy good tea, wherever hot water is available.

Enjoy a Sip in the Evening: Most people avoid tea in the evening time, as they fear that the tea will reduce their sleep. Although this is true for coffee, but because both black and green teas have much lower caffeine content than coffee, you can drink tea in the evening, and still enjoy a good night’s sleep.

If you are stuck between the choice of green and black teas, here are some points that might help you make your decision:

During the processing, black tea gets fermented, which alters the anti-oxidant compounds present in it. Although black tea offers many health benefits, yet the benefits of green tea are far more superior to those of its black counterpart.

Many researches have been conducted to show that the anti-oxidants found in green tea are used to fight many diseases, such as cancer, heart diseases and Alzheimer’s disease. It also helps to prevent premature aging.

Our main concern here is oral health, and green tea is extremely beneficial for your teeth. So, simply go for a cup of green tea everyday, and see the changes for yourself.

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