If you are experiencing dental pain, you are not the only one, as a number of people complain about dental pains. The most common cause for dental pain, or as it is more commonly called, tooth ache, is irritation in the nerves of your teeth. Inflamed gums can also cause it. Other inflamed tissues in your mouth can lead to many problems as well.

There are many causes for your toothache. Some of the more common ones are broken teeth, cavities, bacterial infections, contaminated tooth pulp, etc.
Bacteria cause most of the tooth diseases and dental pains, and this bacterial infection can lead to gingivitis, cavities, and periodontis etc. This infection can spread to others if you are not careful. You can catch these problems from your partner while kissing, or by sharing the same glass of water, or your toothbrush.
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Dental pain is actually not a disease, but actually a symptom, which tells you that something, is wrong. If you have a dental pain, you should always consult your dentist and get his opinion. Generally people don’t take dental problems too seriously, because they think that they’re not life-threatening diseases. However, there are some dental diseases that can prove a threat to human life, if not treated properly. For example, if a patient is suffering from severe abscess, it is not only very painful, but can also lead him to death.
Although most commonly; people get toothache due to the formation of cavities. As plaque grows in the mouth, bacteria start to develop in it. These bacteria combine with the sugar in your food, to create acids. These acids corrode away the enamel of your teeth, creating cavities. If the cavity is not treated at early stages, it will finally reach the nerves in the teeth, causing excruciating pain.
Another main reason for dental pain is inflammation of gums, also called periodontal diseases. Plaque is not only bad for your teeth, but it also adversely affects your gums. If there is excessive plaque formation, the gum line will recede, causing the Cementum to be exposed. Gum inflammation can lead to persistent tissue inflammation.
In any case of dental problems, you should seek your dentist’s advice. But until you visit your dentist, you can take some medicines, like ibuprofen to help ease the suffering. You can also try Motrin Ibuprofen, which is helpful in dental pains. If you don’t want to take medicines, you can try rinsing your mouth with warm salty water, as it will give you temporary relief. Do not fall for medical myths, and put aspirin on your aching tooth. It might even burn the dental tissues, and lead to more pain.
You can also try placing ice bags on your cheeks, opposite to the pain. When you are having dental pain, do not eat crunchy or sugary foods. These foods can result in more pain for you.
Take an appointment from your dentist as soon as possible and seek his advice. Follow the course to remove the root of your dental pains.

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