Everyone appreciates a beautiful and glittering smile. Healthy and shining teeth are the great assets and it improves one’s personality. Dental science has developed to the degree that everybody can think about improving their smile by whitening their teeth. There are lots of techniques, which can be employed to whiten your teeth.

So most of the people need to have teeth whitening done by the cosmetic dentists, but the question arises that will this method work for everybody? The answer for this question is No. Unfortunately, teeth whitening methods will not be useful and effective for everybody and few people may not be the good candidates.


First thing is to keep you in a good dental health. It means you must take care of the oral issues like infections, periodontal diseases and cavities. Teeth whitening procedures might not be good for you if you have sensitive gums and teeth because these whitening systems may cause sensitivity and irritation. That is why; you should consult your dentist before going to make any decision of using these whitening methods. At last, the decision of undergoing teeth whitening treatment is very private and personal. Consulting your dentist to make the decision of selecting the method, which is appropriate for you, is the plan for success. Since you do not want that any inappropriate method will give adverse affects on your teeth and also do not want to misuse your money and your time. At last, if you are a perfect applicant for teeth whitening procedure, then take pleasure of the journey to a brighter and whiter smile.


Everyone should consider their expectations from the teeth whitening procedures. There are few people whose teeth do not reply to teeth whitening methods. Either the extent of teeth staining or the causes of it are such that the teeth just do not respond to teeth bleaching or bleaching just does not work for their teeth. Only a cosmetic dentist can help you to decide if teeth whitening methods will work for you or not. And then you can choose the best and appropriate method of teeth whitening to whiten your teeth.


Teeth Whitening Methods


There are lots of techniques and products available in the market, which can be employed to whiten your teeth. One of the teeth whitening treatment is the usage of veneers. There are basically two types of veneers; one is made up of porcelain and other is of composite resin. Dental veneers are basically meant to hide stains and cover your discolored and stained teeth. This treatment that uses veneers may need reforming the irregular shape of your teeth in a few cases.

There are other kinds of teeth whitening methods are also available which actually eradicate the yellow stains from your teeth. These teeth whitening procedures are mainly based on the use of bleach, then they use laser beam or light to oxidize this bleaching agent. You can bleach your teeth with the help of kits available in the market, either at your home or at the dentist’s office.

If you want to check whether you are an ideal candidate for teeth whitening procedures or not then you must consult your cosmetic dentist.


You must follow certain guidelines that are listed below:

  1. If you are suffering from sensitive gums and teeth, then you should consult your dentist before using any teeth whitening method that includes bleaching your teeth.
  2.  If you use tobacco products or you smoke, then there are many chances of getting stains on your teeth. In that case, you can use teeth whitening toothpastes. But if that will not work then you can get your teeth bleached.
  3. There may be many situations where dental veneers are suggested over teeth bleaching.
  4. There may be other situations where laser teeth-whitening method is used. In this procedure, a laser beam is used to oxidize the bleaching agent. But bleaching is not good for everyone. Some teeth do not respond to teeth bleaching method. And bleaching is also not good for sensitive teeth and gums. So, you should not opt for this technique if you are suffering from sensitive teeth. 

You should follow the above specified guidelines but most important thing that you should take care is to consult your cosmetic dentist before deciding any solution for teeth whitening, because he is the only person who will decide that whether you are an ideal candidate or not. He will advise you the best and appropriate procedure that will suit your teeth depending upon the degree of sensitivity of your teeth.

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