Dental veneers are paper-thin shells of whitish teeth-colored substance to envelop the front area of the teeth to perk up your looks. These dental veneers are fixed on the front part of your teeth and improve their shape, color and size. Dental veneers can be made from different materials like porcelain or resin. Generally, porcelain veneers are preferred as dental veneers, as they resist stains more than resin ones. Also, they look more like natural teeth. However resin veneers have less thickness and therefore less enamel has to be taken off the teeth to fix them.

Bringing Back Smiles with Dental Veneers in Cosmetic Dentistry

Generally, three visits to the dentist are required for getting dental veneers. First is for consulting the dentist, and Second for creating the veneers. You can get the veneers for all your teeth, or even a single tooth.
In the first visit, you will consult he dentist and enquire about the veneer bonding process. You will set up a schedule, when you can again visit him, to get your veneers ready.
When you are ready for your second visit, be sure to actively participate with him. Tell him about your requirements, and why you opted for the veneer option. The dentist will check your teeth to determine if veneer is the right solution for you or not. He will tell you about the pros and cons of other solutions as well. He will take your X-rays and get impressions of your teeth and mouth.
To prepare the veneer, the dentist will require enamel from your teeth. He will remove approximately half millimeter of the enamel from your teeth. Before doing so, he will determine if you need an anesthetic for the enamel-removing process. Then your dentist will make an impression of your teeth. He will send the model to the lab, to get the veneers prepared. The time required for this is somewhere between 1 to 2 weeks, depending upon the laboratory. If you want, you can also get temporary veneers for the time being.
When your veneers are ready and come back from the lab, you will have to pay a final visit to the dentist. Before actually bonding the veneers on your teeth, the dentist will place it lightly on your teeth to see if they are made according to right size and color. Then your teeth will be cleaned, so that they adhere more to the veneers. A special super strength adhesive is used to fix the veneer on your teeth. This adhesive dries off very quickly. Final verifications are done to see if the veneers are fixed well on your teeth.
If you are facing any problems after getting the veneers, you can again visit the dentist.
These veneers not only work well with stained or yellow teeth, but also with gapped, chipped, broken and twisted teeth, and even uneven gum line. So if you have any kind of problem, which is making you feel less confident while smiling, dental veneers are your solution. Visit your local dentist today for a consultation regarding dental veneers

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