There are a lot of people who suffer from bad breath and are not even aware of it. It is a problem that affects your friends and colleagues more than it affects you, and so it has indirect impact on you. People generally don’t get to know if they have bad breath or not. Generally people find it rude to go to someone and tell them if they are suffering from it. If you have bad breath, people will generally avoid talking to you, and it will affect your social life. So you should know how to get rid of bad breath

There are some points you can follow if you want to eliminate the bad breath problem

1.       Bacteria that live in your mouth usually cause bad breath. When you eat something, the particles of that food remain in your mouth, and give rise to plaque. Bacteria start cultivating in that plaque. If you want to remove those bacteria, you should take care of your oral hygiene. Brush your teeth twice daily. Maintaining oral hygiene is very important.
2.       There are some anaerobic bacteria that live in the coating on your tongue. These bacteria mostly develop on the back of your tongue, so it is very important to clean your tongue, especially, the back of your tongue.

3.       If you have sinus infection, then this might also be a cause for your bad breath, as the discharge from sinus goes to the back of your throat and causes bad breath. Consult your doctor to get a treatment for your sinus infection.
4.       If the saliva productivity in your mouth has decreased due to some reasons, then this also might be a reason for your bad breath. If you have the problem of dry mouth, make sure to keep your mouth moist by drinking water.
5.       Bad breath can also be caused by certain foods that you consume. There are certain foods that have a strong smell associated with them. For example, garlic, onion, fish, vinegar etc can cause bad breath in your mouth. You should avoid such foods.
6.       Bad breath is actually not a disease itself, but a symptom. If you have bad breath, you should consult your dentist to get it diagnosed and to cure the reason behind it. In most cases, you should not go for antibiotics to cure your bad breath.

If you are having temporary bad breath due to some strong foods you ate, you can try these tips


1.   Try chewing gum: This will reduce low traces of bad breath temporarily.

2.   Cloves: These are very effective in covering up bad breath. You can simply chew on some of them. Although you might not like their taste, but their oil is very effective in removing bad breath.

3.    Green tea: You can drink unsweetened green tea, as it washes away bacteria from your mouth.

4.   You can try chewing on some fresh parsley. This can be either brought from market, or grown at home.

5.    Drink plenty of fluids


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